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    Profile to override geofencing

    Hi all, Excuse me if this has been raised before but I have been unable to finda fix for this. I have three profiles set up, Home, Away and After Hours (for recording and alerts from midnight - 6am) I am using geofencing to hold the Home profile while we are at home BUT I would like for the...
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    Connection issues after last update

    Hi all, Anyone else having problems connecting remotely since the last update? All server details in the app are correct and unchanged. I've deleted and reconfigured server details just in case. I receive notifications but can't log in to view them. My wife didn't update the app and she can...
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    Geofencing iOS app help

    Hi, I cannot get geofencing to work at all in the iOS app on iphone 12, latest version of iOS. I have set the radius to 50m. I have admin privileges and have remote management checked. I recieve alerts just fine. I tried both "use my location: and "use server location" (after setting the correct...
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    Australian MMS Settings for push notifications

    Hi All, Hoping a fellow Aussie has sorted this out and can point me in the right direction. I'm trying to set up MMS notifitcations on motion detection but not sure what my MMS gateway settings should be. Am with a Telstra. Has anybody got this working in Aus or do I need to look at a different...
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    BI Black Friday Pricing

    Hi, I'm trying to purchase BI at the special Black Friday price of $49.99. When I add it to cart though the store keeps to defaulting to $57.99. Am I missing something here?
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    Push Notification help

    Hi, I'm just getting a couple of Dahua PoE cameras setup at home. Looking to run Blue Iris on a small PC with the cameras and PC on their own VLAN managed via a PoE switch. The critical feature for me is receive push notifications to my iphone upon motion detection. What is the most reliable way...