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    How to load VPN on Raspberry Pi?

    I have almost finished setting up my home video security system. All that I am lacking to finish is to put a VPN on my router. Unfortunately, I can not add to the existing router. From my understanding, I can load a VPN on a Raspberry Pi, but I am not sure what the difference is between the...
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    Troubleshoot nonfunctioning camera?

    Installed my cameras over Christmas break. Everything was working fine. Haven't checked them in a few days and one is no longer working. Tried to connect directly to it and failed. No apparent issues with wires, moved the input Cat5e to another port on the PoE switch to remove that as a...
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    Recommended settings for IPC-Color4K-X

    I will be installing 7 of these I got from Andy (EMPIRETECANDY) during Black Friday over the next week. I know settings will depend on lighting and a host of other issues. Having never done this before, can you recommend what settings (picture, exposure, backlight, WB, Day&Night, Illuminator...
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    App on Samsung or using Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device to view cameras

    I have a Samsung tv that can load some apps as well as Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Apple TV app, Amazon App, Alexa, etc. Is there a way I can pull up my feed from Blue Iris and load my camera feed? Can I sync it up to Alexa at all? Thanks!
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    Help with installing setting up license plate reader cams (5241-Z12E)

    Excuse the night time shots but it is currently night and honestly, this is when it will be critical to utilize the camera as a LPR cam. The camera is the 5241-Z12E recommended by the experts in this group (thanks @wittaj, @Flintstone61, and anyone else I missed): The first cam will have this...
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    How to connect dedicated computer connected to wired cameras to personal computer

    Seems like Blue Iris is recommended over running cameras to a NVR. I will have all my PoE cameras running to a junction box. There I had planned to have PoE switch and computer with hard-drive. A few questions (answer any that you can): What is ideal setup for dedicated desktop? Is there a...
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    Recommend cameras??

    Looking for recommendations for cameras. Firstly, all are prewired (Cat5). Looking to get cameras around Black Friday. Will likely get connect switch to computer with Blue Iris as this seems to be highly recommended here. All locations will have good lighting at night except camera 2 (assume...
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    How do you hook up prewired cameras to computer with Blue Iris?

    Seems like Blue Iris is preferred over NVR. I have prewired my new construction for security cameras (Cat6). I understand how each of the Cat6 cables plug into a NVR as it is integrated. How do they connect to a computer? I am assuming there is a secondary box or unit that connects to the...
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    Recommend video security setup

    I am building a house and closing end of next month. I have pre-wired for 9 cameras around house and garage. If I put anything inside, I will just run wireless cameras. I have always said I would get Lorex but I know there are so many experts here who could provide better guidance than my...