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  1. user8963

    New Amazon Products (Astro/Flying Ring/Echo 15)

    What do you think about the new Astro? :cool: Built in camera... Or flying Ring cam?
  2. user8963

    Problem with Dahua 5442 camera, not sure if defect or normal

    Hello guys, i have a brand new varifocal 5442 here... i have a problem when IR light is turned on ... its not there if ir light is off in BW mode or in color mode... it looks like there are many dead pixels ... i attached a video .. also there are two IR-LEDs in front. One looks darker than...
  3. user8963

    Discount Week on Aliexpress

    Hello, if someone plans to buy a few cams from andy, there are some discount codes. You can use them several times. So if you are buying a few cams, you can save alot because discount on andys shop seems rare. I used $10 off $90 2020BSW10 $10 off $100 828GET10 Some are limited , so they...
  4. user8963

    Push Notifications gDMSS stopped working

    Hello, Thursday my push notifications stopped working. Is there any chance to get it Back ?? I already tested iDMSS , also not working. Cam is a HFW1831C-PIR
  5. user8963

    Which NVR? with Dual Stream Recording AND Playback

    Hello, after buying a "cheap" Hikvision NVR I am a bit unhappy with it, because I am missing a few features. Does anyone knows if there is a Dahua NVR from Andy around around 300$$ which is able to: + record mainstream AND substream + playback mainstream and substream via Android/iOS app +...
  6. user8963

    Help me to prevent buying Reolink... Source for Lorex in Europe

    Hello, I have already read the cliffnote and forum. I understand why some (or all?) hate Reolink... But I see no other options to buy it. I am in Germany and I try to find Lorex Cams on the Internet, which are available for my region.. but no chance. It seems impossible to buy this stuff in...