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    how to assign ipv6 address to blue iris remote connection?

    I've been having some wonky issues on the remote end lately. I got in and I looked up what'smyip. It shows a new long IPV6 address and says no ipv4 address available, or something like that. Do we need to adjust our remote login wlan settings for this somehow? And if so, how.
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    Can I delete all remote blue iris clips from mobile app?

    A problem I run into a lot is that the remote drive will fill and instead of deleting data and starting from a clean storage drive (even though I set that up), the system freezes and I have to find a way to manually clear the drive. This happens even if I have an external drive allocated and...
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    Blue Iris 5 frequently dropping dahua cameras

    I had a setup that was mostly rock solid (for years) with 4 dahua cams and a 4 port netgear switch. I wanted to upgrade to more cameras, but my original seller no longer provides those models. I bought some JideTech cams from amazon, and they work fine. I also had to upgrade to BVtech 8 port...
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    NVR choppy video. How do you calculate ideal aggregate BandWidth streaming requirements?

    Hi all, I was able to setup an NVR for someone remotely with 6 lorex 4k cameras and a NR908 (couldn't do blue iris server, AFAIK, as they have a mac desktop). This is post Lorex/Dahua purchase, so everything working with post software updates (lorex cloud, etc). Very clear static images, but...
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    LOREX NR908 4k cameras choppy

    changed thread title to, " NVR choppy video. How do you calculate ideal aggregate BandWidth streaming requirements?" . Mods please delete if appropriate.
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    Dahua nvr was a bad decision

    Venting, but wish I had gone the blue iris/pc/switch route. It is like comparing OpenOffice to excel. Hitting all kinds of limitations on the NVR, that I took for granted with blue iris. Among them 1) nvr very limited remote troubleshooting. With bi I can even look in the router and individual...
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    can't get dahua NVR to attach smtp image

    Recently purchased NVR4208-8p-4ks2 nvr along with 8 4M dahua domes. I have tried 100s of permutations of the NVR software, but for the life of me I can not get the image to be attached on the email alerts. I have read other forums and tried various things, e.g. 1) gmail, time warner ISP...