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  1. Jay DeFuria

    V5 HTTP not working

    Anyone else having trouble with the HTTP commands not working in version 5? I can't get the commands to run for day/night.
  2. Jay DeFuria

    Windy Shadows in NJ/Motion Detected

    I have been trying to get my motion settings correct, and ended up scrapping what was working when we didn't have leaves on the trees (all through the winter) to now a "Summer Mode" I am surrounded by trees, and the shadows keep picking up blueiris. If I set the sensitivity too high, I don't get...
  3. Jay DeFuria

    Definite Lurker

    Hi all! The rules have changed! I've lurked but haven't contributed much in the past. But now I can't send private messages until I get to 5 posts. I live in NJ.