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  1. colmcille

    Slow folder/file access when cameras are switch to HD - Synology NAS

    I'm running 10 Hikvision cameras (5*2332, 2*2432, 1*2632, 2*2342) and 1 old Sony SNC-DH160 on my 918+ without any lag, so the issue is not the number of cameras. I have standard 4Gb RAM, so it's not that either. I'm saving data to an old Seagate HDD which was designed for low power rather than...
  2. colmcille

    Wet thief

    Yeah, I've no doubt he is on drugs of some description. He's staring at the door in case the dogs come out after him.
  3. colmcille

    Wet thief

    A wet thief from last night. Trying the neighbour's car, but not mine. Overview cam: Detail cam:
  4. colmcille

    Big Bertha climate extinction

    They arrived at 20h34 and left again at 21h35. Then came back a few minutes later and stayed until 22h49. We get all sorts of weird stuff here. Often not quite so amusing.
  5. colmcille

    Big Bertha climate extinction

    WARNING: Not safe to click play if you are about to eat, or have recently consumed edible delicacies. Big Bertha arrival: Big Bertha climate extinction: For those who are interested, it's a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I. The lens is 12mm, and would have been nicely focused at Bertha's distance of...
  6. colmcille

    Anyone else have Yi?

    Hmm, a crapmera pointed up into the sky...and a gmail account with what looks like a doofus' password just happening to be in shot. On yer bike.
  7. colmcille

    Yard sensors- Laser perimeter sensors or ?

    Your issue isn't trying to find out if someone is hopping the fence to get into your property there. They will not be put off or stopped by an alarm. The only thing that will stop them is greater violence and being willing, and capable, of using it first. To that end I suggest a Fox Terrier for...
  8. colmcille

    Sighthound Video VMS 6.0 Coming Soon

    Sounds good if it works as intended. Thank you for the head's up.
  9. colmcille

    Day time smash and grab on a parked car in driveway

    Good question, but I think they would have carried on regardless. They knew what they were going after. Car pulled up and the thief came straight over to the spot. Didn't spend time looking at anyone else's garden/hourse/car. Note the black Mustang. Someone drives off in it after warming the car...
  10. colmcille

    The Dog Dump

    For the uninitiated: This is what a bitch looks like when having a pee... ...and this is what they look like when having a poo... Note the dog is trained to discharge faeces in the road, not on people's grass, or on the pavement.
  11. colmcille

    The Dog Dump

    Yup, as Parley said...that is a bitch taking a piss...not a dump. If she was taking a dump her ass would be quite high in the air and her back very arched. The tail would also be held differently. She's communicating with other dogs, and possibly other animals. That's why she's sniffing the...
  12. colmcille

    External IR Power

    I can't answer or comment on the splitter option, but for my Raytec IP IR lights I just power them with with a 30w PoE+ injector that can give them the 15w they need. I've not used a splitter before, so not sure if I would still be able to control the lights since they have their own IP address...
  13. colmcille

    Ha! Robbery foiled!

    Lots of grip when wearing those blue nitrile gloves and restraining people. Scuz is going nowhere once he has hold of him with those on. ;)
  14. colmcille

    Vehicle Burglary Suspect

    It looks like he doesn't go for the car in the top left of the picture. Why? What's unattractive about that one, and what draws him to yours? Both offer easy access from the road. The car looks further from the road than your pickup. Car facing the other way? More likely to be tools etc. in the...
  15. colmcille

    Couple of car crashes in a week.

    One of the golden rules from my biking days years ago...never overtake on a junction. I've seen a few friends wiped out like that in front of me.
  16. colmcille

    The Rock Conqueror

    Hmm, looks like he is desperate for a dump or a pee to me. She's just making it worse by taking pictures while he needs to do his job. >}:)
  17. colmcille

    Casing a pool water heater

    Bold as brass. o_O
  18. colmcille

    Tree causing underexposure at night?

    You need to get the house wall, including the window, out of the shot before faffing with any settings and the plant.
  19. colmcille

    Attempted invasion of my neighbor's house

    The Doberman puppy has had it's ears shaved to make them stand up straight rather than flop down as they naturally would.
  20. colmcille

    Attempted invasion of my neighbor's house

    Yep, we are not allowed to touch burglars as such. However, your dog/s is/are allowed to chew an uninvited guest in your house to it's/their heart's content so long as you have not told it/them to do so. In your garden you are possibly still on rocky ground, but in your house is fine. ;)
  21. colmcille

    How to find hidden spy camera

    No no no, and NO! You are doing it all wrong I tell you, and misleading poor Mr. Rodge. The only way to detect a covert spy camera in a bathroom is with a specially trained German Shepherd. Everybody knowz this. All German Shepherds will urinate on spy cameras in bathroomz. Did they not teach...
  22. colmcille

    Homeowner shoots thief rummaging through truck

    Who's my bitch now!
  23. colmcille

    Vicious dog bark triggered by IVS intrusion zone

    Sounds like a bad recording that won't fool many. Even with a good audio you won't get away with playing the same recording every time there is an event. Also, real dogs are going to be bumping into the door while trying to get out and attack the intruder...and there is no way to realistically...
  24. colmcille

    HIKVISION 8MP Bullet DS-2CD2085FWD-I vs HIKVISION 5MP Turret DS-2CD2355FWD-I

    Your camera will be about 4m above the ground if it's 2m above the door. From up there you will only be getting overview use out of it and will find it hard to identify faces. It's going to have to be at the top of the door, at most, or preferably lower than that to identify people. This assumes...
  25. colmcille

    Line detection works not fine!

    Mirror, plant and curtain moving in the breeze. Room layout, settings, exactly what are you trying to achieve, etc. would help.
  26. colmcille

    Mobile App Performance Issues

    Hmm, O.K, so I've found the settings on the mobile client in different places with testing away from home last night. On the iPad I tried away from home they are not in the client itself, but in the iPad Settings application. Also, not sure where you get your figures, but with my measly 480p...
  27. colmcille

    Mobile App Performance Issues

    On my 4+ years old mobile with it's tiny screen I'm using 480p (640*480) at 5fps. The signal is only H (HSPA 7.2Mbits/second) on a good day, and 3G (UMTS 384Kbits/second) or worse a lot of the time. If I double tap the screen it will zoom in to fill the screen and up the resolution automatically...
  28. colmcille

    Mobile App Performance Issues

    Works fine for me on my old ADLS connection with less than 0.9Mbps upload speed. But then I'm not trying to pull 1080p at full frame rates. Why are you editing config files on the server to disable QoS when there is a radio box for it on the client side? Have a look at the Management...
  29. colmcille

    A Bike that got stolen but i got it back

    Glad you got your bike back.