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    No more live view of Hikvision Cameras and VCR

    Apparently not the way I have my NVR set up (or I haven't been able to figure it out yet). My set up... The LAN port of my NVR is connected to an ethernet port on my router set up as a dedicated VLAN. NVR IP Address is an address on my VLAN Cameras (connected to POE ports on NVR) have IP...
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    No more live view of Hikvision Cameras and VCR

    Same issue here. LTS NVR/camera owner on a Mac. Safari 12 does not support NPAPI plugins. The WebVideoPlugin is an NPAPI plugin and will not run in Safari 12. NPAPI Plugins - Google Chrome Now, I'm trying to set up NVMS7000 but it appears the way I have my NVR set up, I can't see the cameras...
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    Drunk flower shopping

    I noticed a flower missing from my planter box this morning. I reviewed my captures last night and came across this guy... Camera is an LTS CMIP3042W-28 (thanks milkisbad).
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    Good source to buy IP items at

    I am interested in a catalog and price list (if possible). I am an IT professional (software development) but have also done Ethernet , A/V and simple electrical work in my home. I'm looking to install 3-4 cameras in/on my home.