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  1. PapaBill

    Scary clowns delivering valentines day gifts.

    Their site is Ranch Of Horror
  2. PapaBill

    Just got this off the news line.

    A crane flips over, caught by someones Ring camera, ya can even hear the destruction in good detail.
  3. PapaBill

    Injured Doe Chases Coyote Away Twice

    Get a Gamo .22 Pellet Rifle, and one shot to the coyotes head and hes done for, I say game because they have a good one for only 119.00 on Amazon. and their not as loud as a real .22 Their are actually places that buy yotes hides also.
  4. PapaBill

    Xeon CPu for B.I.

    Thanx @fenderman Gonna just get a I7 rebuild then.
  5. PapaBill

    Xeon CPu for B.I.

    Ok I know in the wiki it says alot of used xeons are old and loud, but this one is a 4 core setup server. Intel Xeon E5620 2.4GHz quad-core processor Intel® Xeon® Processor E5620 (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI) Product Specifications Would this as a server cpu be good for B.I. and...
  6. PapaBill

    Mail Thief

    Damn I wish I saw this msg earlier, saved me time instead of scanning over and over. I was using a magnifying glass on my monitor (ROFL) and figured it had to be this one. I took snapshots from the videos and used the pic ya posted. Hopefully we are right
  7. PapaBill

    Mail Thief

    here this might be your car
  8. PapaBill

    Mail Thief

    If ya live in central calif, let me know I will park down the street and watch for the guy, Being disabled atm I have plenty of free time. :ohsnap:
  9. PapaBill

    Mail Thief

    Calif plates are like this #LLL### aka Number letter letter letter number number number So far tried searches on a few variations and found a 2017 BMW and a 2018 Kia and a 2006 VW Commercial plates aka Pickup trucks have all #'s and just one Letter. Gonna keep watching the vids and try to...
  10. PapaBill

    Just a Kangaroo hopping down the street.

  11. PapaBill

    Spider on Hikvision IP Camera

    WHY THE HELL DID I CLICK THIS STORY!!! I f****ing HATE SPIDERS! Blame it on being bit by a pumpkin spider back in the 70's when I was about 8
  12. PapaBill

    Person in a Costume

    Flashbacks of the last episode of Preacher. God was dressed just like that in the episodes. ROFL
  13. PapaBill

    Late night visit by two foxy ladies

    Damn ya must've had something in your yard that they really wanted.
  14. PapaBill

    Golf Cart ride

    Sadly this is a misdemeanor and when they turn 18 it gets sealed up so they never learn their lesson, they just do it again, I have read stories about kids doing crap like this but they make sure its not a felony so it can be sealed when they turn 18. The courts need to get harsher on kids or...
  15. PapaBill

    Package thieves on Christmas eve morning.

    Just to give ya a heads up I have been subpoenaed a few times to go to court as a witness (old days of doing security) and 99% of the time, the scumbags see ya there and all of a sudden they want to talk to the D.A. about making a deal. The last one was a few years back when 2 guys were fighting...
  16. PapaBill

    Doorbell camera spots armed suspected burglars at front door of Covina home

    Read this in the paper, and wanted to share it here.
  17. PapaBill

    Nice tits

    Got me twice... First a bra post then TITS.
  18. PapaBill

    2019 New Years Fireworks Deck View

    Call me crazy, but at 2:17 it looks like someone is shooting red flares off. not fireworks. great vid. THANX!
  19. PapaBill

    Hit and run, caught with my new system

    for some reaosnt he video went black and getting errors trying to watch it now.
  20. PapaBill

    3 Prowler Car Thieves Video Recorded and Chased

    Ya wanna talk about some police depts wasting time though... I found a syringe that a meth head dropped and picked it up and placed it int he trash, then posted a msg on the local neighborhood incident page, and Pd actually came to my house regarding it which was kewl, but he asked if next time...
  21. PapaBill

    3 Prowler Car Thieves Video Recorded and Chased

    Ok skip that amazon link its a private seller I just noticed, heres amazons and its only 165. 165.99 for the .22 149.99 for the .177 I would use blunt heads and that way it will hurt like hell and not penetrate as much as...
  22. PapaBill

    3 Prowler Car Thieves Video Recorded and Chased

    Get A high powered pellet gun, shoot from inside, its not as loud as a gun and they will never know where it came from. If their clothes are thin enough it will penetrate. Hell people use them for hunting small game, Gamo Swarm Magnum Swarm Magnum Air Rifle...
  23. PapaBill

    WTS [SOLD] 8x PFA130-E / Dahua Aluminum Base Junction Box

    Ya might want to start a new post, because it says SOLD in the topic so people might ignore this.
  24. PapaBill

    Rescue Dog protects my daughter.

    Beautiful looking dogs.
  25. PapaBill

    Rescue Dog protects my daughter.

    SEE WORLD!!! Someone does believe me about pits being good dogs... Honestly the ones getting the bad rap are the ones that are being treated bad by the owners to make them fighters. My friend had a pit that he raised from a pup till the day it died from old age, and never once was the dog mean...
  26. PapaBill

    Rescue Dog protects my daughter.

    My daughters husband got this big pitbull from the pound a while back, and ya could tell he was abused, he loves my daughter and watches over them, well the neighbors across the street has a pack of mutts that keep getting out and trying to attack my daughter or anyone else outside on the...
  27. PapaBill

    Car Needs A Little Work

    Wow no seatbelt.
  28. PapaBill

    Witch takes all the candy

    OMG, Mt daughter sent me a ring video of a lady here in my city who took the whole bowl of candy for her kids. Apparently a elderly couple who lives around here said it was hard on them to keep getting up to go to the door to hand out candy so they put the bowl outside for the kids. The lady in...