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    Forum dark-mode update?

    My eyes tell me that they prefer normal mode on websites.
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    IP Camera With HDMI Output

    An interesting development, even better along with the HMDI output if it was also fully IP POE network capable (to connect to BI or NVR), and was waterproof enough to be used outside, it would make a good front door/ back door camera, allowing the placement of a small monitor by the door, or did...
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    Elite Desk 800 power question

    On certain HP products there are things in the Bios like Remote Management Capability, AMT, Intel Management Engine (ME) and other software stuff. I accept the Wake on Lan, but saw too the possibility that even with your PC apparently powered down it is not switch off, as in the accepted meaning...
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    The whole smelly family.

    Cute, what's not to like?
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    Multiple hard disks

    Whilst I read in the Forum many contributor's giving advice that the db goes on the SSD, New on the Hard Drive, this is not what is written in the BI manual. My copy of the manual BI 5 Page 72 has, "Although New and Database should remain on your fastest storage possible because of frequent...
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    Video Stutter

    Can you be 100% sure of the integrity of your network connections? You seem to be suggesting you aren't sure of the live feeds. I recently had an video issue caused by a powerlink connection, I'd been cleaning around the network switches and NVR and I must have knocked things. I suggest that you...
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    Do you really need a NVR with a small deployment

    $349, are you getting a discount to promote them? Even my 8 camera Hik NVR was cheaper. You got money to burn?
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    So what's your playback routine?

    In the mornings I review the triggered clips on the PC running Blue Iris. Mostly I see where the local tom cats transit our property, my aim to reduce false alarms, their aim to hunt and spray their "scent" on our vehicles. This aside, I can see if need to adjust the cameras' trigger...
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    Intel Driver Availability

    I would like someone to confirm which current Intel Graphics Driver will deliver to me working QuickSync on Blue Iris for my HP Elite Desk 800 G3 i7-7700 (Kaby Lake), onboard HD Graphics 630. From what I read, Intel are switching from a more direct process of Driver updating using an .inf file...
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    Rain causing triggering in Blue Iris, sounds familiar? What did you do?

    What settings have you used to prevent rain causing triggering in Blue Iris, whilst having settings sensitive enough to respond to significant events?
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    Connect camera to NVR via powerline adapter?

    Yes that looks promising, but don't just take my word for it.
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    Connect camera to NVR via powerline adapter?

    The powerline adapters I've seen don't have POE. It would be news to me if there were any, but it doesn't mean there aren't. POE is a niche market for those with CCTV. It's a matter of sales volume, would a manufacturer recoup their outlay? Only one camera, then use a power brick plugged into...
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    Connect camera to NVR via powerline adapter?

    No you don't need a special type of powerline adapter but your cameras will need power, either POE from a suitable NVR, from a POE capable network switch or from a separate power supply connected to the mains. Sited remotely and closer to your camera(s) where you have the 2nd adapter, you have...
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    Connect camera to NVR via powerline adapter?

    I use a TP-Link AV2000 based LAN, connecting my NVR and network switches in the loft to wherever in the house is the Blue Iris PC. I've two extra AV2000 units (already paired), for a future project using RPis with TVs display. Recently I had an issue with choppy audio and video, I must have...
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    Choppy audio and video caused by plug in TP-Link mains LAN

    This problem was sorted, my post is for information should anyone else experience something similar. This morning both audio and video on my BI PC was choppy, audio sounded like a loose microphone lead, video choppy too. Cars passing the front of my house appeared freeze then to suddenly jump...
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    Confused - Sort Of - VPN/Port Forwarding

    The OP mentioned port forwarding with a VPN. Instructions on GitHub about running openvpn on a raspberry pi have this, "You will need to have your router forward UDP port 1194 (or whatever custom port you may have chose in the installer)". Incidentally, I have an Asus router on DDWRT but it...
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    Dahua DB11doorbell camera caught FedEx

    I wonder how many hard drives fail prematurely because of this sort of treating during the delivery process. I recently got a WD HD from Amazon, the packing inside was minimal.
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    I've got 4 switches connected to my router-modem, looking in the router log I see many notices reporting IGMP traffic. I assume this is normal, a requirement to optimize network traffic within a CCTV installation. Will someone please confirm my assumption.
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    DS-2DE4A425IW-DE are these still a highly rated PTZ for low light ?

    Be aware that zoomed out (wide angle) the focal length is 4.8mm, which seems normal for this type of camera, and probably appropriate considering where these cameras will be typically installed.
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    DS-2DE4A425IW-DE are these still a highly rated PTZ for low light ?

    I have one of these 4MP cameras and I am very satisfied. I was particular taken by the Smart Tracking capability however, at night spread from car headlights will capture the camera's attention. It then comes to rest off-center. Currently I've turned this feature off though I might revisit the...
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    Latest stable Intel graphics driver for hardware acceleration with Skylake?

    I've that same Intel Driver on my HP G3 i7-7700 (, but if I enable Hardware Acceleration (QuickSync?) I keep randomly dropping cameras. No such issue if I disable HAcc in BI, all of my 5 cameras are displayed normally.
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    Intel Driver Availability

    I wonder if we can make some progress here, (ahem), to identify an Intel driver which delivers QuickSync for those of us who have a 7th Generation (Kaby Lake) CPU, which moreover is currently available for download from Intel. My impression reading reports on IPCT is that those with a 8th...
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    Intel Driver Availability

    No it's not you. I extracted the file from the exe to get to the .inf file following your suggestion. I've an HP Desktop running BI which has things rather locked down. HP want you to use their approved driver.
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    Intel Driver Availability

    I did get the download from Mega, and later also found too that I could extract the component parts (I've learnt something new here). I got the message about the igdlh64.inf driver not being digitally signed, whereupon my enthusiasm started to flag, reading about all the dire warnings. On...
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    Intel Driver Availability

    Thanks, I spy the elusive Intel Graphics Driver that the BI Wiki names as delivering QuickSync.:) However, it's in .exe form, not a ZIP file from where the Driver in inf form can be extracted. What searches I've found to overcome HP locking me out of changing my graphics driver...
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    Indoor vs Outdoor Motion Sensors

    I agree, I would use a proper outdoor sensor. I've got three PIRs to trigger the outside lights, two under a canopy and one near the front door, each makes an individual sound inside the house. I've found too that cheap PIRs can be unreliable in windy weather, producing false triggers. My most...
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    What do you think? Are you ready for this?

    No dramas here with the update, I've updated both my BI PC and another W10 64bit PC to 1909 without any issues. I'm thinking that MS have learnt from their past errors. However, sadly the updates didn't deliver a working Intel driver enough for my HP Desktop to unable Quick Sync Video...
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    Hikvision NVR here with an IP of 192.168.2.xx

    Where did my NVR's extra IP address come from? Currently I run successfully both a Blue Iris PC and Hikvision DS-7608NI-K/8P NVR. The NVR I configured with a standard static IP (192.168.1.xx) to allow a LAN connection to my router, and for the cameras a second IP subnet (
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    Review - Dahua IPC-HFW7442H-Z 4MP Ultra AI Varifocal Bullet Camera

    Is this camera still for sale anywhere?