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  1. marku2

    Who’s upset isis

    here we go again spam time
  2. marku2

    Another family member install

    An hr or two to program up and test before it heads off to a new home to watch over
  3. marku2


    I knew i shouldn't of got this out of the box its running 5.4.6 170427 now the Europe portal has changed any one know what platform this is under
  4. marku2

    Who upset the Chinese

    Did they find a back door :(
  5. marku2

    upgrade your 5mp to 6mp with firmware upgrade

    there's a site in Australia for hikvision saying upgrade from 5mp to 6mp via a firmware upgrade anyone have an idea on how that's possible basically saying a 2cd2355 can be upgraded to a 6mp camera? I was always under the assumption that was due to sensor size
  6. marku2


    very happy with this little turret,which replaced an older Chinese import
  7. marku2


    Hi every one I'm just scrolling down the hikvision Europe web down load looking for the platform of this camera the only one I see is the R1 platform (40xx,41xx,42xx,43xx,6412FWD) but the build I have is v5.4.5-170210 and this build is different Baseline Firmware_IPC_Raptor series_En_V5.4.5...
  8. marku2

    Banned from the kitchen table

    moved into the spare room as the kitchen table is now off limits
  9. marku2

    Dahua I’m impressed

    Well I got this system off Andy @EMPIRETECANDY Installed it today for my brother it was a nice and easy install I wanted to find out about these lowlight cams first hand All I can say is holy crap there day vision is awesome but at night we’ll I am speechless seriously speechless I could no...
  10. marku2

    568b cable standard

    ETHERNET CABLE: COLOR-CODE STANDARDS The information listed here is to assist Network Administrators in the color coding of Ethernet cables. Please be aware that modifying Ethernet cables improperly may cause loss of network connectivity. Use this information at your own risk, and insure all...
  11. marku2


    any One have any of these cameras The company has been around for a while and some of the you tube posts seem quite good. I know I can source these from the uk with Eric And Andy for dauha
  12. marku2

    Seven minutes and the Chinese have found you

    Wow now that’s a super vigilante system
  13. marku2

    Funny ip picture

    Made me laugh
  14. marku2

    lenovo core I5

    Hi guys just scored a lenovo core I5 it was going too the bin, i can see 8gb ram inside if i were to put a new hard drive and windows 10 would this work OK for blue iris i wanted to get into the blue iris software, as i am always reading on what this software can actually do and keep it...
  15. marku2

    DS-2DF8236IX AEL

    Any one here tested this ptz ? need a 36 x zoom for a job if i had my way i would use 6AE240VNI and buy from andy but it has to be a hikvision ptz
  16. marku2

    4k camera max view at one time

    In the 4k world of cameras is any one able to view more than 4 cameras at once. ivms maxes out on the 4 window view with me add the 5th camera and its spat the dummy. just curious as how does someone at full resolution and frame rate view 4 plus cameras at once?
  17. marku2


    Got my hands on one of these little ball cameras,well what a surprise the image is very good I will test its night abilities later,it's a mobile cube cam. One odd thing with these cameras once you plug its power and network cable in,then go to sadp the password has been set up by the camera...
  18. marku2

    New zoom turret

    Hopefully tomorrow night test this new camera from hik vision with a powered mic they have answered my prayers what couldn't they have done this last year goodbye spiders
  19. marku2


    Has any one got one of these yet,i am ordering a few this week i was happy with there 8mp turret cam now this has 2.8-12mm zoom and a hook up for a powered mic think hikvision are answering a lot of wishes
  20. marku2

    8mp cam

    Just testing this 8 mp cam amazing detail
  21. marku2

    new firmware for 7608ni

    hi guys there is a new firmware version 3.4.91 has anyone used this yet or am i best to leave it at v3.4.90
  22. marku2

    mini ptz DS-2DE3304W-DE

    Just a small question i have 2 of these cameras i was going to install on a drive way fence line about 8 meters apart i want to ask could these share a mic input if i mounted a mic in the center and run cable from the mic to each cameras input or am i better off to get another mic for each...
  23. marku2

    Many things

    Hi every one I'm from west Australia just got an email from many things about there beta version of there app for the hikvision cameras I'm assuming it's for the wifi cameras I have four mini domes in my system but run off cat cable anyone know any more info on what there doing with there system
  24. marku2

    Decoder Exe stopped working

    Just wanted to ask has anyone had the iVMS-4500 crash saying decoder Exe stopped working My system has three different nvr,s it when I open up 16 channels it seems to crash,my laptop can handle the process just when I open up all cameras via the client