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    Manual For Loryta SD49425XB-HNR 4MP PTZ Camera

    Anyone know of a link to this camera for specs, etc.? Thanks.
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    Dahua DVR0804-1F-U-6 Hybrid DVR

    I have this Dahua Hybrid DVR that's pretty old connected to four IP bullet cameras and one PTC camera. I recently reinstalled the PTZ camera because I got it working again after cleaning the ants out. I have the PTZ connected with a long 24v cable and CAT5 that I refurbished. I configured...
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    Dahua Camera - IPC-HFW4239T-ASE Trying to add this camera to DVR but it requires an 8 digit password. So it doesn't show up in the DVR. I can log into the camera but cannot view it from my monitor connected to the DVR. Wonder why?
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    Is there a way to hard wire a laptop to a DC source?

    I am doing a solar installation in my van and want to power my laptop from a DC fuse block instead of plugging into the inverter. Is that possible?
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    Cameras Recommended

    Must have Starlight Technology, be medium to cheap price. Prefer motorized or varifocal. Thanks in advance.
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    Unknown Camera

    Anyone know what kind of camera this is?
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    Hello From A New Member

    I helped build an extensive camera security system with cameras obtained from Linovision back in 2012. I used a hybrid DVR which is the subject of my problem posted here: Dahua DVR-9116HFI-H16 Looping. I hope there is a Linux guy / gal who can read my post and say, "Hey, your DVR is not...
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    Dahua DVR-9116HFI-H16 Looping

    My DVR, circa. 2012, is in an eternal loop after a power outage/surge. Don't know where to get firmware or how to flash it. Here is some information from the DVR after starting DVR with bootable USB drive containing a large .bin file and two .img files wrapped in an .iso: ip =