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    Day/Night mode best practice?

    I have started to play with picture and exposure settings on a new camera and looking to see what others are doing for day and night profiles. I noticed in the profile manager there is a schedule where I can pick a time range and a Day/Night option. My first question is with the Day/Night...

    Looking for fine tuning advice

    I've noticed outside of my shaded zone on cameras DS seems to be scanning. I also noticed on this alert there seemed to be two scans? One shows my shaded zone and the other is the whole view from the camera. Also I have detect/ignore static object checked and it still seems to be finding them...

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2022

    Remember this big beast?! Looks like they are going with a more modern luxury look.. I'd like to see a size comparison..

    BI log showing Clip format change a lot

    Ive noticed since the last updates with Deepstack being added this in my log a lot. This last one seems excessive... I havent messed with an of my camera video settings for a while and curious if anyone knows what is causing this?

    Nvidia Jetson Nano with Deepstack

    I wanted to see if users of the Jetson Nano recommend this device right now? Has its Deepstack software matured?

    Changing profiles with the Blue Iris App

    I can't figure out how to change profiles with the Android app. The user I'm using has permissions to change profiles from the mobile app as well. Thanks

    Finally used my cameras to solve a case..

    Some kid drawn dicks all over sidewalk art another kid drew. As you could imagine some parents got pissed..:rofl:

    Camera suggestion slim and shallow like a doorbell camera

    I have seen these doorbell cameras become popular and I like the idea of a camera by the doorbell, but I don't want a all in one set up. Is there anything small I can put above my regular doorbell?

    Having an issue with one of my cameras and SMS alerts

    Ok so camera #1 and camera #2 have the same SMS alert settings but I'm only receiving SMS alerts from camera #1. When I run test on camera #2 I receive a text though.. Also camera #2 I set up email alerts and I receive those. I can use email alerts but my wife likes having the SMS. I'm running...

    MoveFile Error help

    I'm having trouble trying to figure what I need to modify in my setting to get rid of this error. Any help would be appreciated.

    License and hardware question

    I have multiple Windows PCs I'd like to try a copy of Blue Iris on that have different intel GPU's. If possible how difficult is it to deactivate it on a PC then use in another? Thanks

    I need advice if I bought the wrong PoE injectors

    My cameras are Dahua IPC-HFW4231B-AS. IPC-HFW4231B-AS | Dahua Technology Voltage says it requires 12v DC. I bought these without looking at the voltage. TL-POE150S | PoE Injector | TP-Link Any help is appreciated.

    Is all QuickSync created equal?

    Hello! Looking to build a Windows 10 server for Blue Iris and have some questions. I currently have 2 Dahua IPC-HFW4231B-AS and might buy 2 more cameras but not sure. I have a old PC running a Asrock Q1900 mob with cpu. ASRock > Q1900-ITX On paper it has quicksync and wonder if it can be used...

    Some recording questions with Dahua NVR and cameras

    So I'm trying to figure out how to set up this NVR for recording with IVS using tripwire. There seems to be a lot going on here and want to make sure I’m setting this up right. Also having trouble figuring stuff out. - So what is the right setting I want for my cameras under code stream type in...

    Bought a NVR4108/4116-8P-4KS2 and have a couple quick questions about set up

    So I downloaded the manual to read through while I wait for this NVR but had a question about initial set up. Can I set up the NVR without it being connected to a TV? Also Should I set up the cameras through their web page control panel or through the NVR only? I've never used a NVR and this...

    Whats the consensus with embedded systems with surveillance software like Synology or Qnap?

    Looking at all my options from a PC running Blue Iris to a brand name NVR I see a bunch of companies that make small NAS have built in surveillance software. I know you might have to buy camera license but I'm ok with that. Right now Im just curious if anyone has used one for up to a 6-8 camera...

    Looking for help finding a 4-8 channel 1080p NVR

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed looking at NVRs. I will probably only really have 4 cameras up but don't mind getting a 8 camera set up for future proof. So I will be running 1080p cameras max, don't need POE but I don't have a problem getting one with it. I don't need PTZ and the only camera I have...

    Android box with Tiny Cam Pro recommendation

    Hello, I've been using Tiny Cam Pro for almost a year with a tablet as a baby monitor. I've been wondering if anyone has used this as a NVR for up to 4 1080p max IP cameras? If so how has it worked? I'm thinking about buying a Android box with ethernet port and setting up as a NVR. Thanks

    Looking for a IP camera that sends email alerts and has option for built in storage

    I have a Axis m1014 I borrowed from a friend to play around with. After messing with this camera I can't get the email notifications to work with any email accounts In have. From what I have seen on the internet this is a big problem with Axis cameras. Since this camera doesnt have a night time...