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  1. Parley

    Who Pooped In My Front Yard And Did Not Clean It Up

    I found a big pile of poop out front Sunday morning and I wondered who let their dog to that, and did not clean it up. Here is the video and proof.
  2. Parley

    This Mom Has No Fear

    She should get the mom of the year medal.
  3. Parley

    Any Varifocal Cameras With A 1/1.2" Sensor

    Just wondering if there are any varifocal cameras out with a 1/1.2" sensor or larger? Hikvision or Dahua. Also when looking up cameras on the manufacturers website, I wish you could sort them by sensor size.
  4. Parley

    Neighbor And Girl Friend Dispute?

    Looks like the neighbor and his girlfriend are having a little spat. It is starting to get foggy, so the video is not a clear as it might be with all the moisture in the air.
  5. Parley

    Big Umbrella Lands In My Backyard

    This happened awhile back but with different people living in the house.
  6. Parley

    Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year and posting my favorite version of Auld Lang Syne

    This one is by Sissel. Enjoy. Auld Lang Syne - Sissel - Bing video
  7. Parley

    My Big Social Security Increase From Biden.

    I got a letter from the Social Security Administration yesterday detailing my large payment increase. Reading the top line it says my monthly payout went up $259.10. Wow! More than I expected. Then I read the next line and they have deducted $238.10 for Medicare part B. Say what!!!! Then the...
  8. Parley

    Kids With Rocks

    My wife was out in the back yard and noticed a few rocks on our lawn that had not been there before. So naturally I went to the cameras to see what happened and how they got there. I consider this the fun part of owning cameras. :)
  9. Parley

    Games Being Played on a Major Highway

    You need to go to the link to see this one. The ad is very short. Idiots Of The Day (
  10. Parley

    Trying to pull out a stump. Hahahahaha

  11. Parley

    You can’t make this up…

    Description of video:: * Young woman approach car whose owner is videotaping * Woman claims that the male driver wrecked her car and is outraged * Male driver calmly explains that she rear-ended him and he'll call the police to sort it out * Woman continues to be unhinged and swears up a storm...
  12. Parley

    Coyote Attacks Two Year Old Girl In My Town

    I have been posting videos of the coyotes going by my house and the one killing an opossum. Plenty of people are reporting coyote sightings. Today a news story came out about an attack in the Northern part of my town. Coyote Attacks 2 Year old Girl , Bitten and Dragged by a coyote at Forest...
  13. Parley

    Lost Go Pro Camera Recorded Amazing Footage Of Black Bear

    A man from Laramie, Wyoming was out in the wilderness archery hunting when he stumbled across an old GoPro. After taking it back to his camp and charging it, he found several minutes of footage that appeared to be captured by a bear. Dylan Schilt was out in the wilderness when he stumbled...
  14. Parley

    Which Camera Location Do You Think Is Better (Pictures)

    I have posted two pictures and I want to get your opinion as to which camera location is best. One is with the camera over the front door but you cannot see packages left by the front door. The 2nd picture is looking at the front door from the entrance way. By the way I have other cameras...
  15. Parley

    Coyote Cruising the Neighborhood at Sunrise.

    Watch the neighbors white dog wanting a piece of the coyote early in the video. :) Could be the same coyote in my videos.
  16. Parley

    Coyote Possum Part 2

    After the coyote attacked the possum and ate half of it the remains were still there on the grass. The next morning the lady that lives in the house put the remains in a box, taped it up and put it in a bag. Then she sat the bag out next to the curb along side a palm tree (the second one in the...
  17. Parley

    Just Felt A Strong Earthquake Jolt Here In Southern California

    Felt a strong earthquake jolt a few minutes before 8:00 PM here is SoCal. No information as of yet. Preliminary reports are a 4.3 centered in Carson, California.
  18. Parley

    Coyote Going After A Possum

    On my morning walk I came across a dead possum on a neighbors lawn a couple of doors down the street. It looked like a coyote had made a meal of it. So when I got back home I checked my cameras and sure enough I could see the coyote going after the possum. I left out around 12 minutes of the...
  19. Parley

    Coyote Going Down The Street In Our Residential Neighborhood.

    Another coyote sighting today. I have seen 3 sightings now in the last 10 days. Two were in the neighborhood park and this one while I was out walking the dog this morning. He went right by us on the other side of the street. I could see he would be going by my house so when I got home I checked...
  20. Parley

    How Do You Downgrade Hikvison NVR Firmware To An Earlier Version?

    I loaded the latest version of firmware into one of my Hikvision NVR's for trouble shooting and it is not working out. I want to upload a previous version firmware but the NVR will not let me. A search did not turn up anything. Any help appreciated.
  21. Parley

    Trouble With Hikvision NVR Remote Playback

    When I call up the NVR with the LAN address I am not getting the screen and picture quality I am used to. It appears to be in 720p and not in 2K or 4K. It also does not have the controls at the bottom like it used to. For one I cannot go frame by frame and cannot speed up the video. I have...
  22. Parley

    Fed Ex Ground Shipping Hahaha

    I ordered a hat on August 21 from a store in San Diego, California. It was shipped by Fed Ex Ground on August 22. I live maybe 110 miles North of San Diego in Orange County, California, the next County North of San Diego County. Anyways the hat went to the Fed Ex center in Bloomington...
  23. Parley

    Coyote Running Down Our Street At 8:13 AM

    Lot's of people out walking at this time in the morning and some have their dogs with them. The guy was out kind of late for around here. This video will not be available until 4:45 PM Pacific daylight time 4/18/2021.
  24. Parley

    Pros And Cons On The New 5G Phones

    My T-Mobile phone service has sent me a warning that I need to upgrade to a free 5G phone by 1/1/2022. Any reason not to do this?
  25. Parley

    Need Help With New 4k Camera.

    I have always been able to correct this problem one way or another but not this time. I am asking the forum for some ideas. Look at the roof in the center of the video as it seems to move around. This is with everything set back to the factory settings or a least I think they are. I was in the...
  26. Parley

    Video Of Car Door Checkers Walking By My House

    What happened is these two are coming down my street checking houses and car doors to see what they can rob. It just so happens that my neighbor 3 doors down left his garage door open and the woman made a bee line for his garage and rumaged through it to see what see could steal. That part is on...
  27. Parley

    Camera Picture Capture Link Does Not Work

    When I am in the playback mode sometimes I want to take a still picture frame but the link does not work. I have tried various links to no avail. No problem if I want to download a video segment but I have problems with a single picture frame. This is with a Hikvision NVR and IVMS 4200.
  28. Parley

    Coyote Coming Down The Street At 9:17 AM

    This guy looks like he could use a good meal. Probably why he is out so late in the morning on a hunt. Starts with him coming down the sidewalk in the upper left corner of the video. (229) Coyote On Onyx 42321 - YouTube
  29. Parley

    Putting Camouflage Tape On My Dahua 5442E-ZE Camera

    As I stated in another thread I have not like the results of where this camera has been located. So I stated that I am going to relocate the camera to a tree so I can get a better view down the street and the sidewalk. I have ordered CAT6 burial cable and it should be here by the end of next...