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  1. marku2

    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    research the owners of the four seasons gardening center you might get a surprise
  2. marku2

    tool head broke off in set screw of Starlight Housing

    Try some spray lube and a powerful little neodymium magnet
  3. marku2


    Just installed one at work I had laying around Have you tried up the coax setting UTC I will screen shot the settings when in work tomorrow And get back to you
  4. marku2

    DS-2CV2Q212FD-IW - unable to setup wifi - need help

    What I do for these little cameras I have five around the house My first thing is add it to iVMS usually get the older version as some of the new versions have problems with video out put on certain computers Add the camera using admin and the password would be admin+ the verification code...
  5. marku2

    Adding Audio to my Hikvision

    passive mics and active mics, search box top right this has been documented a few times
  6. marku2

    Should I bother upgrading firmware?

    5.6.0 i dare you
  7. marku2

    NetSurveillance IP wifi camera issues

    Lol friends have been asking about these Arlo packages they can buy to protect there workshops My response is full fenderman style ;)
  8. marku2

    Wondering if anyone can tell me the region my cams are?

    5.5.71 is the latest for that ptz dome
  9. marku2

    Audio in App

    Turn on the sub stream audio and video
  10. marku2

    DS-2CD2035FWD-I aspect ratio wrong

    Try turning off capture on the camera web GUI see if that fixes your problem
  11. marku2

    WARNING... Out to those who have upgraded to V4.1.61

    I always manually update if there’s a need this auto upgrade could get some one unstuck ,It just seemed to help the un savvy end user ( or unstick as pointed out the grey market user who knows what there objective is
  12. marku2

    iVMS-4200 no live view

    I normally go to the nvr and on group open the box which shows what cameras are connected then tap open the blue square which says modify That then brings up another box with the camera and six lines down is stream key
  13. marku2

    iVMS-4200 no live view

    Ok on your phone Hik-Connect you can disable it there They will txt you a code just enter it,then encryption should be disabled
  14. marku2

    WARNING... Out to those who have upgraded to V4.1.61

    There I was thinking there making life easier for the not so tech savvy users lol
  15. marku2

    iVMS-4200 no live view

    Have a look and see if stream encryption is on That photo with the blank boxes hit the modify button and if it shows steam encryption key type in the key that is usually the verification code on the bottom of the nvr “ example GHVYNH”
  16. marku2

    DS-2DE33040W-DE latest firmware

    Search top right for Europe portal Navigate to front ends look, for ptz it’s the r7 platform 5.5.71 but don’t jump straight to that one,implement each firmware upgrade one at a time
  17. marku2

    DS-7608NI-SE/P wont connect to camera

    I am assuming you have activated the camera via sadap and it gave you the ip is dhcp now off,untick the box And the password you set was the same as the nvrs.? Go to camera management and manually add the camera, not plug and play. Click on modify enter the IP address Then admin...
  18. marku2

    HikVision Password Reset / Flash new FW via RS232

    Can you hit the rest button and see what it goes back to
  19. marku2

    HikVision Password Reset / Flash new FW via RS232

    admin adminQGFYCU Then hit add camera in iVMS in the computer The firm ware is 5.5.4 for this camera on the Europe web site under the consumer camera section
  20. marku2

    ANNKE I61DR 2MP (Hikvision Cube Clone)

    You should have a box full of red squares It looks like you haven’t drawn the area
  21. marku2

    Hikvision on ebay

    Time to move over to Andy @EMPIRETECANDY
  22. marku2

    Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I assistance i think its in the mini boot load up mode due to a firmware issue
  23. marku2

    Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I assistance

    Save your self some time and learn about a VPN connection Hik-Connect will require you to turn on upnp and port forwarding,and that’s not recommended They have a p2p on some firmware which doesn’t require any port forwarding Just the correct or Been down this road before,and...
  24. marku2

    Mini outdoor PTZ : DS-2DE4A220IW-DE

    You are aware it’s only a 4x zoom When stock was available for $720 you could buy the 20x zoom
  25. marku2

    Mini outdoor PTZ : DS-2DE4A220IW-DE

    no i haven't used this supplier seems cheaper than some other aussie suppliers
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    Hi Dave welcome on board I am on the other side of town where the big hole filled with gold is lol
  27. marku2

    HikVision Password Reset / Flash new FW via RS232

    I’m on line so if you run into bother shout out
  28. marku2

    HikVision Password Reset / Flash new FW via RS232

    This IP address you can not load in to a browser it will not work this way On your phone app it will work If you add this to a nvr channel under manually then you can see it For all settings click on the camera with remote management and all the settings will open up for you
  29. marku2

    HikVision Password Reset / Flash new FW via RS232

    Navigate to security and untick illegal log in and save Navigate to user and modify the password to what you want hit save Then in device manager delete the camera it will be back to the not added bottom part Re add the camera this time admin Your new password Then it should add with...
  30. marku2

    HikVision Password Reset / Flash new FW via RS232

    Next take a cable and plug into a switch or the router. Go to you computer and open up iVMS Go to device management and look for the camera it should say it not added Click on add device Give the camera a name Then type admin Then for the password use admin(your device code which is under the...