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  1. sebastiantombs

    Before I pester Ken

    I normally don't install updates reflexively but on Monday I installed and it promptly blew up. It would run for about five minutes, CPU alternating between 100 and 50 percent, then crash. So I installed the latest stable version, That behaved the same way. So I then...
  2. sebastiantombs

    A hack for a dry output for the door button on a VTO2202F

    Being the obstinate old codger I am, I wanted to be able to activate a normal, coil based, doorbell with the VTO2202F. So I did a little hack to make that possible. I opened up the case of the VTO hoping to "piggy back" another microswitch some how, but that doesn't seem very practical once I...
  3. sebastiantombs

    Another addiction

    I installed an X10 system when we moved into this house about 12 years ago just to control lighting. Needless to say over time it has become less and less reliable, especially getting the signal onto both phases of the electrical service. So it was past time to upgrade. I poked around and...
  4. sebastiantombs

    Dinner for five

    Camera is a Dahua 2231R-ZS at about 30-35 feet.
  5. sebastiantombs

    The new 5.5.0.X

    Anyone tried this yet? If so what do you think of the new console and group view management?
  6. sebastiantombs

    For the gurus

    I know, and use, the "trick" to have BI create and use directories for the recordings of each camera. I've looked in the help file and can't find a way to get alerts to be saved in the same way, a directory for each camera. Any ideas? Since the number of alerts has grown, dramatically, since...
  7. sebastiantombs

    Finally just about done

    So, after almost four years of video surveillance cameras I'm ALMOST done installing more cameras. I started out with two which were triggered by some yahoos 4x4 through the yards during a snow storm. That lead to wanting more. Now there's a total of 15 on the outside of the house. Along...
  8. sebastiantombs

    Another from last night, "Yes I can"
  9. sebastiantombs

    Nocturnal visitor

    One of our neighbors has chickens. Apparently the word is out to the locals. He visits regularly and will probably be successful eventually. The camera is a 5442T-AS, 6mm, and he's about 30 feet from the camera.
  10. sebastiantombs

    In lieu of a "Google" review

    I just made my first Nelly's purchase and I don't do anything with Google at all, including searches for a variety of reasons. I do want to say that Nelly's had a very competitive price on the IPCamPower 16 port switch I bought and shipped it promptly. The switch has been installed in the rack...
  11. sebastiantombs

    Drive upgrade procedure

    I've been using BI for four or five years now, since the 3.x days. While I'm fairly familiar with it I am never going to claim to be an expert. I'm going to be adding a second WD purple for video storage since the cameras have outgrown the current drive capacity. I plan on splitting the...
  12. sebastiantombs

    Our local zoo

    Visitors we had yesterday evening, late last night and this morning in order of appearance. Unfortunately, the fox is back lit with the camera in full color, a 2231, so he's not particularly spectacular on his return trip from checking out my neighbors chickens for a late night snack...
  13. sebastiantombs

    A senior DUHHHH moment

    I finally broke down and installed the BI mobile app on my phone. Installed with no problems, entered the license information and local login and it worked right out of the box. All except for one detail. I couldn't get geofencing to work. I went on YouTube and saw that the radius needs to...
  14. sebastiantombs

    4231E-S problem

    I bought a couple of 4231E-S cameras about two and a half years ago. They are solid little cameras without a doubt and perform well at low light levels to boot. During the recent deluge we had the one in my front yard became water logged, IE the lens fogged up so badly the video was just a...
  15. sebastiantombs

    A major blow to space exploration
  16. sebastiantombs

    A morning visitor

    Caught this guy this morning. He ran across the street west of here then ran east through our yard. He timed it just right crossing the street. Two seconds later and he'd have been road pizza.
  17. sebastiantombs

    Stumped with clones and ONVIF

    OK, this one has me scratching my head and getting splinters for my trouble. I have a couple of Dahua cameras that are clones that are used for specific motion detection jobs. They were giving me a lot of false triggers due to shadows moving with the wind. So I enabled IVS on the cameras and...
  18. sebastiantombs

    NASA Playing tag

    For those that don't follow NASA and I don't think the media bothered with this at all, here's a NASA probe, OSIRIS-REx. playing tag with asteroid Bennu. In other words, it landed, got a sample and took off again.
  19. sebastiantombs

    Hello from NJ

    Just an old guy with some IT experience and a burgeoning surveillance system. I've lurked around here for a while an have corrected the mistakes I've made in the past by buying based on price and, alleged, performance offered by vendors and manufacturers. Money wasted, lessons learned.