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    new computer build, and new win 10 install, can not reach my server !

    I reluctantly went with win 10 pro on a new home computer build (i7-10700k) I installed BI, and BItools. all that went smoothly, all cams good. I had BI installed on my Android phone, it worked flawlessly before, reaching my BI pc at home. I can get email alerts with a pic from pc to my phone I...
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    Battery powered wifi to phone outdoor camera - Dahua?

    Does Dahua or another name brand make a security camera to surveil a construction site ? must be self powered, and able to connect to my android phone or android tablet via blustooth or my wifi hot spot. any suggestions? I need something decent. I'm looking at trail cameras, but they always seem...
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    Outdoor LED light bulb selection for full color cams ?

    I haven't seen this posted around here, so, I have 2 outdoor lamps - 1@front door (wall sconce) , 1@ driveway post light 25' out, full color cam dahua n45ef63 is 10' away from front door on side wall, and drive light end up 35" away from cam. I'm getting halo's around both lights, the drive...
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    Zoom in and center up object question

    I don't know if this is a feature BI does or the camera does. While viewing live or recorded video in BI on my PC, I will digitally zoom in to view an object of my interest. While zoomed in with some cams, I can grab the screen with mouse and pull the object of interest over to the screens...
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    firmware descriptors ?

    I see on Dahua website and here, firmware, that has either Multilang_NP or PN as part of the description, all else in the file name is the same. What would be the difference in them? I'm looking to update a 5442E Z4E cam.
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    N45EF63 finally installed

    I have just installed this bullet into its new nest, replacing the 5442tm -as I wanted a dedicated color cam, since the other cam produced color as well, and the Dahua N model should do it better. I'm figuring this would be better suited, and I can put the turret to use somewhere else. I'm no...
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    N45EF63 any thoughts on this camera?

    has anyone tried this cam out ? around 220.00 thoughts? Sensor 4 MP 1/1.8" CMOS Focal Length 3.6mm Maximum Aperture f/1.2 Lens Field of View Horizontal: 93° Vertical: 50° IR Cut Filter Mechanical Day/Night Yes Minimum Illumination Color: 0.00022 Lux Shutter Speed 1/100,000 to 1/3...
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    Racoon Cam ?

    I need a recommendation for a cam to observe a racoon problem I am having. I'm targeting with a cam that would mount about 2' above ground (maybe a foot higher ?, this way I'm under the canopy ) 2 mango trees, 1 @ 15' straight out, another at 35' out and to the right about 10' or so. It would...
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    updated B.I. , now it asks for password for local console ?

    just updated now and... why is B.I. asking for a password to open up or start up...? never had this before. I put in my regular camera and same as, - B.I. password as I thought i had. windows 7 ultimate - no problems till now can anyone help.
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    5231ze turret and video frame size problem

    I'm still a newb to security cameras with blue iris and I have an issue. I have set in the dahua camera settings properties page using my seamonkey browser video to be 1920x1080p.using either h264 and h265 I also use blue iris, and in its page video page for image format for this camera it...
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    Hello peeps, I'm keeping an eye on this place.

    Hi all. I''m just getting into the cam side of things, mostly for the security of my humble ponderosa. I have started out by being gifted an Amcrest 4k 8mp bullet camera, after finding out that a ring door bell that was also gifted to me is a complete joke of a camera. Complete white out, where...