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    How do I get streams to display on my doorbell monitor?

    Hello everyone, I have a Dahua villa doorbell with two LCD monitors. I also have Dahua OEM wired cameras and Dahua OEM NVR 4108 on the same network. I understand that cameras will be on a different 'subnet'. How do I get the correct IP address so that I can use the LCD monitor also to display...
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    Dahua NVR - Away mode?

    Hi everyone, I have a Dahua 4208 NVR and 4 Dahua OEM cameras (2mp starlight). I plan to add an active deterrance cam also at some stage. Does the NVR have a away mode where you can set certain parameters ie the active deterrrance to become active. I don't want to be going outside and getting...
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    Dahua VTO2111D-WP P2P POE 1MP IP Metal Villa Outdoor Station intercom

    Hi everyone, I have this one installed as my door bell. It is wired via POE to two screens inside the house. It will push to my phone although often couriers have left by the time I get to answer. The dahua app is so bad.... ;)
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    H.264H vs H.265

    HI guys, Newb here. I have a Dahua (OEM) 4208 NVR and 4 POE 2mp starlight cams. Which of the above codecs should I use? I get about 3 weeks of recording in my 8tb drive. Thanks heaps!
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    POE camera with blinking red light

    Hi everyone, I have one last POE port left on the front of my house. I am concerned that my Dahua 2mp starlight cameras (two already installed on front and side) are too discreet. I need a camera that is a little showy and one that has a blinking light that can be seen clearly at all times...
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    Recommendations for a showy camera (maybe WIFI) or even a fake

    I need a showy number for deterrance for a narrow corridor on the side of my house. Ideally I may need two because there is an obstruction. This is mainly for deterrance perhaps with a blinking light all night. There are sensor lights on that side of the house but I don't want anyone to even...
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    Dahua (OEM) 4108 with POE - firmware update

    Hi everyone, Newb here. I need to update this model (presumbly) to get both channels on the Boobie cam ( IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M) on my NVR [ NVR4104/4108/4116,4/8/16 Channel Smart 1U Lite Network Video Recorder,NVR4104,NVR4116,NVR4108] Does anyone know where I get the file to update it? When I...
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    Dog bark when camera detects movement

    Hi everyone, I am curious whether I can setup a trigger device (for example a variable - randomised dog bark) when a specific camera area is triggered for movement. I have a Dahua 4108 4KS2 NVR and Dahua Star light cameras. 4231 and the dual boobie one. Thoughts? Thanks for your help.
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    IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M vs Dahua DVR

    Hi everyone, I am doing a trial run of my cameras and have tried to connect the above camera which has two cameras in one, to my Dahua DVR. Only one stream turns up. Are there any tricks to get both cameras to show up? ( or any links for me to study and do it my self ) So far I am reading the...
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    Robotic Vacuum vs PIR sensors

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have experience with Robotic vacuums with pet friendly PIR sensors? My house is vacuumed daily by the robotic vacuum and I wonder qhether this will trigger false alarms.... Thanks.
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    The camera that mistook a person for a car!

    Obfuscation tech!!! Anti-surveillance clothes foil cameras by making you look like a car
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    Newbie needing help with hard drive size and type

    Hi everyone, I am new and my system will have 6 2mp cameras recording 24/7 to a Dahua NVR. What size hard drive is suggested? I am leaning on WD Purple 3tb due to best value vs price.
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    Visible and hidden cameras

    Hi everyone, I am very new here. It seems like you need visible cameras for deterring theives and hidden cameras to potentially ID them incase they decide to vandalise the visible cameras. I am on my way to installing the 2mp Starlights as the visible factor. I didn't read Cliff notes before...
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    Light as a deterrent

    Hi everyone, Wanted to hear your opinions on normal light as a deterrant to night time theft in a residential setting. My street is quite dark at night and no one has any outdoor lights on. Except me. I have a LED light system that dims until about 4am and then goes off depending on the season...
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    IPC vs Dahua Cameras

    Hello everyone, [ Sorry topic meant to say IPcamtalk vs Dahua ] Is there a difference between these two camera types? They look remarkably similar? One if OEM for the other? Thanks.
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    Staying away from EasyIP - could you check that this vpn option is better?

    Hey guys, I have a Fritz box 7490 and it can do VPN via android phone. Could someone have a quick look at this and tell me that it's better than using the EasyIP? THANKS!! Link Knowledge Base Full text Setting up a VPN connection to FRITZ!Box in Android VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows...
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    Which model is the Dahua 4KS2 with POE builtin?

    Mine is going into a cupboard under the stairs (vacant as Potter has left :) ) and I was wanting the least amount of bother and space when installing it. Is this the correct version? Dahua NVR 8 Channel 8 PoE 4K NVR4208-8P-4KS2 H.265 Lite Network Video Recorder 604213672667 | eBay Thanks!