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    Can DMSS synch multiple cams during playback?

    Has anyone been able to get the DMSS app to synch multiple cameras during playback? I need to review video from 3 cameras and it’s very frustrating because they each have their own timeline and I can’t get them to play in synch. If anyone has figured this out please let me know how to do it...
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    Can you mix PAL and NTSC analog cams on a Dahua XVR recorder?

    I have a Dahua 16 channel analog XVR that currently has old D1 NTSC cams connected. I ordered some Dahua analog 1080 cams from Andy, which I assume will be PAL. Does anyone know if they will all work together? I’d like to know before I start to replace cameras. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Is it a bad idea to shuffle IP cams to different ports on the back of my NVR?

    Are there any issues with swapping my cameras to different ports to change the viewing order? At the console I can change the order and it stays, but the DMSS app displays them in linear order. I thought I read somewhere that it was a bad idea, but what can go wrong? I’m thinking just power...
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    Will Dahua XVR5116H-X DVR support old 960H, D1, and CIF cameras?

    Hello all, I have an ancient surveillance system with 12 analog cameras, mostly D1 resolution, but some 960H and CIF as well. Yeah, I know they are ancient, and scheduled to be upgraded to IP Cams in the next 6-9 months. Unfortunately, the current DVR just died, and I need to drop in a...
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    IR, wide diffused or narrow focused?

    Hello, I’m trying to select some cameras to use indoors in a business. I am looking for a camera with night IR that has a wider, shorter beam rather than a narrow, distance focus. I am already using the Dahua 2MP starlight turret Camera and that seems to have a narrow IR beam designed for...
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    How to synch multiple cam playback on Dahua NVR?

    I can't believe this hasn't come up before, but I couldn't find it in the search. When playing back video from the NVR my cameras are out of synch. Once I find the specific event I'm interested in how do I synch all the other cameras so I'm watching the same time instance across all cameras...
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    Mobile app for Dahua NVR besides iDMSS?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone is using or has found a better mobile app than iDMSS to connect to a Dahua NVR via iPhone. Ideally the app would be configurable to monitor a subset of connected cameras with minimal clicks. If I could get iDMSS to launch a default view upon startup it...
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    Tapatalk weirdness?

    I use Tapatalk to read this forum, and others and normally I cruise the “unread” items to see what’s been posted since my last visit. It seems that about 20% of the time, when I click on a topic to view, Tapatalk opens a different topic instead. Anyone else experience this?
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    Are dome camera covers replaceable?

    Hello, I’m replacing an old cctv system in my business with a Dahua NVR and IP cameras. I’m stuck at the dome vs turret question. Yes, I’ve done the searches and know that generally turrets are better in almost all circumstances. But, in one indoor location i will have about a dozen ceiling...
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    Lite Series vs Eco Savvy Series?

    Can anyone tell me what the main difference is between these two series? Thanks.
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    Anyone got a Dahua N52B2P NVR?

    Hello, I’m researching 8 channel Dahua NVRs and this model from the Pro Series looks pretty decent. I tried searching but the “N52B2P” string doesn’t show up at all. Is it possible that nobody on this forum is using this NVR? I’m trying to find a manual that I can review before buying, but the...
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    Dahua vs Hikvision vs ? quality?

    Hello, new guy here, been reading, searching, and reading some more. I can’t believe how much great info there is on this site. Many thanks to all of you. I’m looking to buy an 8 or 16 channel NVR and 4 or more cameras for my home. I currently have 2 Axis POE cameras that will get integrated...