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  1. DanDenver

    Simple doorway recording setup with motion and audio capture?

    Rules/laws on audio are generally more stringent than on video. Be careful.
  2. DanDenver

    Failed communication with all six my Empiretech cameras after power cycle

    Static IP's are the only way to go! Learned that the hard way by living through what you are experiencing right now
  3. DanDenver

    Hello all. Just landed in this forum and I'm on the cusp of not knowing what I'm doing.

    +1 for BI My hardware NVR had so many false alerts, that could not be tuned out, my wife opted out of notifications within the first month. But with BI and AI, false alerts have been reduced about 95%. Took some tuning, but not a time sink and totally worth it!
  4. DanDenver

    Almost ready

    I highly recommend heeding other comments in this thread. Start with one or two cameras and go from there. Of course get an NVR that will handle the final count of cameras you have in mind. There is so much to learn. At least I am happy I did it that way. By the time I purchased my 9th, 10th...
  5. DanDenver

    New member introduction

    Your system is not too far off from my camera count and computer specs. Welcome to the forum.
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    Another addiction

    @JNDATHP "If I only I knew how to initiate a JSON request and receive the response, I could do more, more easily " I started a new thread discussing this very item just now:
  7. DanDenver

    Getting BI and HomeSeer Talking To Each Other

    Wanted to share how I get BI and HomeSeer (HS) to update each other so that the two applications remain in sync. This can apply for just about anything needed to share between the two, but in my example it is for the BI profile. I must keep the two applications in sync so that they each behave...
  8. DanDenver

    Another addiction

    I might still recommend letting BI handle the security camera duties and then creating communication between HA (or HS if you ultimately go in that direction) Each piece of software is purpose built and do their respective jobs well.
  9. DanDenver

    Another addiction

    Yeah, I purchased EasyTrigger but ended up not using it as it did not perform the tasks I thought it would, so $30 out the door!
  10. DanDenver

    Another addiction

    I have been running HomeSeer for about 18 months and I have no issues with integrating with and/or controlling any of my sonos equipment. I have 5 amps and a bunch of self powered speakers. I also use HS to run my Sony TV (mute/volume/etc). I mostly do that when out of town to make the house...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Interior Cameras

    I have a few of the Amcrest PTZ for interior viewing. I like them very much. Not to pricey and resolution is acceptable (meaning good enough to turn over to police for identification if needed). What if you have a water leak? Do you have a way to turn the water of remotely? Water sensors...
  13. DanDenver

    Another addiction

    I have been running HomeSeer for about 2 years and love it. About 9 months ago I tied it into my BI pc so that I have two way communication between the two pc’s. Used to be that BI would alert me when the AI identified my (or my wife’s car) entering or exiting the driveway. Now with HomeSeer...
  14. DanDenver

    Mobo/CPU suggestions for Custom Blue Iris Server

    Out of all the items you list to run on your server, only one appears to be of a security concern. So if those cameras are monitoring for nefarious behavior (versus pets, etc) you may want to consider keeping BI on its own server. This ensures you won’t have conflicts (CPU bottleneck) or issues...
  15. DanDenver

    log4j - Are we doomed?

    Oh, and the comment about 800,000 attacks in 72 hours is not much within the context of internet attack metrics, there are millions of attacks every day of all kinds on the internet.
  16. DanDenver

    log4j - Are we doomed?

    ‘Shut down the internet’. This is a Hollywood notion. It is true that the issue is real, and is being aggressively exploited, but you take the concern to conspiracy level which is as always, only a fear based concern. If you look up the conspiracy theory of a “fire sale” you will see that while...
  17. DanDenver

    Can view cam feed in Explorer but not BlueIris

    Are you using auto discovery in BI or manually configuring the camera? These two different approaches have decidedly different results for me when it comes to successfully adding a camera.
  18. DanDenver

    Physically small IP camera

    ‘handinpalm’ - interesting direction to take that in, and an equally interesting idea. Sadly, it is just a tad to high to successfully accomplish said mission : (
  19. DanDenver

    Physically small IP camera

    It is a line I drew to help me get the exact angle on the view I wanted. I used silicone caulking to ‘glue’ it to the bottom of the granite, so I knew that once installed I could not move it again.
  20. DanDenver

    Physically small IP camera

    Here is what the camera sees I have additional cameras covering other angles of that same room. But they could not see the actual door, so I installed this camera
  21. DanDenver

    Physically small IP camera

    Doh! I have this very camera for the use of monitoring my front door (from the inside). I like it because I can also hear what is being said when the house sitter/cleaners come over. It has been working well for me for the last 6 months
  22. DanDenver

    Color4K-X - one man's journey towards clarity

    This would have been my post several years ago : ) I do wish you luck in sorting out your concerns. It is a good thread.
  23. DanDenver

    Color4K-X - one man's journey towards clarity

    This thread reads very much as an advertisement for Blue Iris, especially for someone willing to twiddle the settings so much. For about 5 years I ran an LaView NVR. I had friends with BI but I believed it to not be very ”plug and play” like my NVR. Boy did that turn out to be the wrong...
  24. DanDenver

    New NVR Install

    Yep, pretty sure its one camera per POE port on the NVR itself. Daisy chaining like that will probably not work.
  25. DanDenver

    Backup internet

    Seems like your setup brings you much closer to being apocalyptic proof!
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    I noticed that math as well, but figured, who needs weekends and evenings! They are so over rated.
  27. DanDenver


    So stupidly unbelievable I had to watch it twice. He suffers from going forward in a super focused manner or just plain stupidity. It begins rolling backwards as he exits the vehicle. Who doesn't notice that?
  28. DanDenver

    DS-HD1 Problems

    Once you read the help files and know how powerful a computer you want, maybe check out 'Craigs list' as you indicate you are in the US. It is a good place to peruse used computers.