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  1. Bigasspimp

    Honeywell HC30W45R2

    Ty For your reply. Didn't think they would be all that great but for 20 I didnt think I could go to wrong. Yeah power should not be a huge deal I will be using a Cisco 3750x switch so we have plenty
  2. Bigasspimp

    Honeywell HC30W45R2

    Not sure how well this camera functions performance wise but they are asking 20 per camera for them. Any insight you can let me know would be helpful. Thinking about getting one or two Thank you Bapos
  3. Bigasspimp

    IPC-T3241T-ZAS SMD 3.0 Latest new firmware IPC-HX3XXX-Leo_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.26.R.210421

    For all those who may be lost as to where to find or how to get the bin file for this camera...... download the attachment about there is a web address to get the bin from dropbox.
  4. Bigasspimp

    VLAN design example

    Slugger and Reflection I have sent both of you a PM..... if you can hit me there if you would please.
  5. Bigasspimp

    Input on a odd nvr/car cam use

    Guess Ill have to test that out and see if that is true in this case. All I am using this for is to not get close to things. I can manuver that thing very well with no camera but just trying to make sure we can get a better view
  6. Bigasspimp

    Input on a odd nvr/car cam use

    how does that differ from regular back up cams
  7. Bigasspimp

    Input on a odd nvr/car cam use

    How much delay are we talking about?
  8. Bigasspimp

    Input on a odd nvr/car cam use

    Group I am asking input on a very odd situation. I am VERY new to the BI world as a whole but seems to be a world of resource here so I thought I would throw this out. One of my other side passions is the conversion of a school bus to a rv/tailgate wagon. I have a 2001 Am Tran rear engine...
  9. Bigasspimp

    IPCT 2 MP Starlight IR Fixed Turret Network Camera, 2.8mm, Powered by Night Eye

    Just kind of following this post somewhat late.... looked at the links and the one link to the amazon site still shows no product available? Is this still the case? I am looking at a wider range of cameras for a wider range of needs and this seems like one that might make the list if they are...
  10. Bigasspimp

    Synology Surveillance Station + Dahua Cam Support

    The one thing I am not sure if you have accounted for is the licensing fees for additional cameras wit synology? Not sure which one you are going to be running but I dont recall many that out of the box carried more that 2 license for cameras. I think I looked up the cost and its about 50+ (USD)...