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  1. kolt_

    Is a dome good for indoor use?

    Considering getting the SD22204UE-GN, a dome PTZ camera, to place inside a pole barn as it's a good fit. I understand domes are not great for long term use due to the dome itself causing glare and what not but I was wondering if this applies to indoor use as well? Just collecting thoughts...
  2. kolt_

    FTP server test doesn't seem to be working

    I am configuring my FTP server to use as a backup and when entering the correct FTP connection details (works on FileZilla) and then testing, the test does absolutely nothing at all. No usable information as seen below and no sign of anything being uploaded to the folder. Here is my...
  3. kolt_

    Would this do for license plate captures?

    I was playing around with the SD49225XA-HNR the other day and had the great idea of trying to capture license plates just for fun as I have seen other people on here doing it with more equipped cameras. A 2MP camera running 1/2500 - 1/3000 shutter speed really gives a good image of plates on...
  4. kolt_

    Deer captured on camera

    Here is a clip of some deer caught on camera around 3AM. This was captured using @EMPIRETECANDY's SD49225XA-HNR, the day after installation. First time using a real PTZ. Zoom is great (although it was not fully zoomed in on the clip) and night vision works really well especially when zoomed in...
  5. kolt_

    Fox captured on cam

    First couple weeks running the IPC-T3241T-ZAS and after reviewing clips from last night, I found something interesting. At first glance, I thought it was a cat but it was a fox. Given where I live, I expect to see more wildlife on the cameras.
  6. kolt_

    Dahua night vision concerns

    It has been a couple days now since I installed the IPC-T3241T-ZAS. After some changes to the shutter settings for the day/night profiles, I am noticing some things that concern me. When it changes to night vision, it keeps going back and forth from night vision on to off (back to color) for...
  7. kolt_

    Outdoor mounting question

    I recently received the IPC-T2431T-AS and I plan to mount it on the outside wall of my garage like in the position as shown in this picture, The housing of this camera seems to be some sort of plastic and my dad mentioned that the sun would beat on it. I am trying to consider the longevity...
  8. kolt_

    What do you think of these two cameras for a first time setup

    My interest in IP cameras have been recently renewed and after looking at the usual products heavily advertised, such as Reolink, my research has led me to pass on that and look at Dahua. The cameras are fairly expensive and I want to invest in only a couple cameras for now as I am just...