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    BI and DS Fine Tuning

    Ok after getting setup on the new machine with DS I have many questions but am going to address them in order of importance. After reviewing the alert footage I am seeing that I am getting hours of recordings of our vehicles that are parked in the driveway and not some event such as approaching...
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    Thread Gone?????

    I posted a thread about a BI and DS install and got 2 replies and now I cant find the thread anymore, it doesnt show up in my activity page. I edited the thread to take out a url because of how it inserted a huge image and obscured text. Where did the thread go?
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    No Amcrest Driver for Ip5m-b1186ew in Blue Iris

    Hello I am installing BI and there is no driver for the Ip5m-b1186e camera within the model drop down. My questions are : 1) Is there an equivalent driver available in BI v5.5.3.7 and if so which? 2) If "yes" to #1which would provide the best "performance" the equivalent driver, the...
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    Blue Iris and Deep Stack Fresh Install - 2 Questions

    Hello I am installing BI and DS on a new pc and following the you tuber "The Hook Up" and have 2 questions regarding the instructions within the video. 1. He sets up hd and sd streams, the sd is for 24 hour recording and sd for hi res capture. After using this setup for a couple of days I am...
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    PC-NVR Error Message > Failed to allocate disk space

    I am setting up PC-NVR using the online user manual as my guide, and when trying to setup the drive to which recordings will be stored (external usb 3.0 500gb hard drive) I get an error message "failed to allocate disk space", can anyone advise what might be the problem and how to resolve...