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    Having 2 way setup problems with IPC-T5541H-AS-PV camera

    I have 2 IPC-T5541H-AS-PV camera I am trying to setup up 2 way talk/listen on my Blue Iris system. I can get the listen part of the audio to work but can not get the talk portion to work. I have tried through my Windows 10 notebook , Chromebook by logging in directly through the cameras IP web...
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    Need to reset password on Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I

    I was trying move this camera to a VLAN on my network. I had changed this camera to enable DHCP and unfortunately I did not have DHCP setup on the VLAN. When the camera rebooted it set an IP out of the range (something like 162.x.x.x.). When I corrected this error, the camera grabbed a good IP...
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    Confused in Camera world

    Sorry for the long post but, I am another camera newbie in need of help. I have read a number of posts including the Cliff notes trying to learn about these cameras. While I have learned a lot from them, my confusion level has also increased exponentially. My present system consists of...