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  1. Sybertiger

    Puzzled: Difficult to trigger BI motion for Deepstack analysis

    Just getting started with DS but this is really a BI issue as I can't easily get BI to motion trigger...or, I should say it's oddly difficult to get BI to motion trigger in this instance. Once BI triggers I can see that DS is doing an impressive job (out of the box) with the analysis. I noticed...
  2. Sybertiger

    UI3 updated to the latest - Timeline not working

    I've got two BI servers running, the older one on v5.3.6.6 (no upgrade support) and the newer one on v5.5.7.0. The older one had UI3 v133 on it while the newer one has v213. I decided to update the UI3 on the older one to v213 also just so that both systems have the same appearance. The problem...
  3. Sybertiger

    Dahua Global Calibration - Why should I care?

    The funny thing is, with Dahua being such a large manufacturer of IP cams, you'd think they could do a better job of documenting, explaining, provided example videos or providing practical application tips. Instead of railing against Dahua and their shortfalls or digressing to tell that dog...
  4. Sybertiger

    Blue Iris SHIELD disarmed on it's own?

    Curious to know what would trigger BI to disarm the Shield? I woke up about 9am this morning and noticed that BI stopped recording at 8:03am. In the log 2 mins later you see "Nothing to do". I learned my lesson and have unchecked DISABLE RECORDINGS in the Shield section of OTHER settings. Just...
  5. Sybertiger

    Just now getting around to setting up Sub Streams in BI

    Yeah, I'm slow....and I'm not here to debate framerates ;) but I'm trying to figure out some weirdness with what BI is showing for one of three cams I've setup for sub streams. I have three Dahua T5442TM-AS cams set up identical with the following settings. Yet, one of them has BI reporting...
  6. Sybertiger

    Dell Optiplex - HD is protected by password authentication system

    Well, this doesn't look promising LOL, but y'all may know if there's a resolution. I've recently picked up a Dell Optiplex 7060 from eBay. I did a fresh install of Window 10 Pro on the NVMe M.2 it came with. I installed a new WD purple 6TB drive and formatted it. I decided to use the Dell...
  7. Sybertiger

    Opinions: Out of these 3 which would you recommend?

    I'm looking for two "inexpensive" IP cams to be installed inside of the garage, well....actually two garages if you will. See pic below, the other side of the house is identical. The cameras will be mounted inside about 15 feet back from that center entrance door. The primary reason for the cams...
  8. Sybertiger

    Best source/price for Direct Burial Cat6 cable?

    Looking for the best bang for the buck on solid copper direct burial Cat6 cable. Probably will want a 500 ft roll. What do y'all recommend?
  9. Sybertiger

    2MP Starlight IR PTZ 25x (SD49225XA-HNR) --or-- 4MP Starlight IR PTZ 25x (SD49425XB-HNR)

    If you were to pick one or the other which one would YOU pick? Anyone own both of these and come to a conclusion which works best for your situation?
  10. Sybertiger

    Dumb questions of the day: if 4mp cam needs more light than a 2mp cam with the same size sensor.... there a way to set the 4mp into 2mp pix mode so that the 4mp cam only needs the same amount of light? In other words, if you purchase said 4mp cam thinking it will do just fine in low light but it turns out you overestimated the amount of light available at night is there a way to...
  11. Sybertiger

    What's a good equivalent cam to the Dahua N22AL12

    I bought one of these a few years ago for $55 while on sale to be used as an inexpensive cam for inside the garage. I see the current price is way up from what I paid. Anyone have a good equivalent cam that is nearer to that $55? I'm setting up a system for my parents and want to put a couple of...
  12. Sybertiger

    Windows 11 on i5-8500 system running Blue Iris - opinions/comments?

    Any opinions about Window 11 vs Window 10 for a Blue Iris system. Any pro's or con's I should know about? What do you think about an i5-8500 for a 12 camera Blue Iris system (4MP cams)?
  13. Sybertiger

    Please remind me again...where do you control if BI records overlays?

    I'm having a brain's been a couple of years since I set this up but where do you control whether or not BI records overlays such as time and/or BIT overlays? I have BIT displaying weather info but notice that BI is recording that info. I had thought there was a way to display the...
  14. Sybertiger

    BI5 - Do you have to have a support/maintenance plan to get minor updates?

    I started off with BI4 for a short period then came along BI5 so I selected the one year support/maintenance plan with the understanding I would get upgraded from BI4 to BI5 AND continue to get BI5 minor updates over the life of BI5. Did I misunderstand that? Looks like the option to get the...
  15. Sybertiger

    Did IVS for Dahua cams break recently?

    I noticed about 3 or 4 weeks ago I stopped getting IVS triggers in BI for IVS rules I had using using for the last year. Everything was working but now no more BI alerts for IVS triggers. The only thing I can think of is that BI version was updated about 3 or 4 weeks ago. None of the settings in...
  16. Sybertiger

    Flamethrow much?

  17. Sybertiger

    B5442E-Z4E compared to HFW5241E-Z12E for LPR?

    Curios to know if a side by side comparison was done.
  18. Sybertiger

    What's the best mid-priced LPR IP cam that you recommend?

    Is it bullet cam or is there a reasonable turret cam? Maybe the new Dahua 4MP varifocal turret cam?
  19. Sybertiger

    Any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for UPS?

    Anyone have their latest recommendation for UPS and who is having a sale on a good one?
  20. Sybertiger

    Monoprice CAT6 cable recall
  21. Sybertiger

    Amazon Delivery

    Nothing exciting...just experimenting with PowerDirector to produce a video.
  22. Sybertiger

    Weird gaps in BI recordings - missing segments

    Check out BI5....gaps in the recordings where all cams stopped recording. The blank segments are about 10 seconds with about 10 second between intervals. That was yesterday afternoon. Today, all is fine. Looking for where BI can send me an alert when the weirdness happens...where are the...
  23. Sybertiger

    Young punks in the community - IPC-T5442TM-AS

    They got into a least a couple of vehicles in the community that I'm aware of....police came and dusted a neighbors car for fingerprints. Suggestions on how to improved the video quality? It's from a IPC-T5442TM-AS (3.6mm) with IR set to Auto.
  24. Sybertiger

    Remind me how to export clips in BI without saving the AUDIO

    Looks like I have some video I want to save but one of the cams accidently was recording the audio. How do I export the video portion of the clip without including the audio track?
  25. Sybertiger

    Text Message Alerts showing up hours later

    Thought I saw a thread before about text message alerts inconsistently showing up in a timely fashion. Sometimes text message alerts come in immediately and at other times they come in hours later. What is really odd is that many times the alerts are out of order. That is, a text message...
  26. Sybertiger

    Why the huge differences in IPC-T5442TM-AS video output

    I've played around with the CAMERA > COLOR > SETTINGS but haven't found a combination that thrills me just yet. Seeking some help/suggestions. Here are three T5442TM-AS cams that are closely located to each on the left side, center and right side of the garage. Notice the huge...
  27. Sybertiger

    How many of you wear "hoodies" in normal life?

    Just many of you own a hoodie and wear it regularly with the hood over your head. Maybe this is a cold climate region question. I don't know that I know a single person who wears the hood on his hoodie much less owns a hoodie but I live in Florida.
  28. Sybertiger

    If you had to recommend a mini PTZ which one would you?

    I need a new toy.... Curious to know what mini PTZ you would recommend in the year 2020 to pan around and zoom. I live on a slow, wide creek in Florida...most of you would call it a swamp...LOL. Anyhow, I don't know that I want to sink $350+ on a PTZ play toy so I though maybe a mini PTZ...
  29. Sybertiger

    IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M IVS not working on Channel 2

    @EMPIRETECANDY can you check with the Dahua engineers to find out if they plan to fix the firmware for IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M to get IVS to work for both channels? There are a lot of people using that camera that would like IVS to work. Do they have a solution for this problem or is camera too old...
  30. Sybertiger

    Recommendation on a swivel ball mount for IR illuminator?

    I've been sitting on a couple of Tendelux 8W IR Illuminators for awhile but now it time to get off my duff and install them. Just checking to see if y'all have a recommendation on a swivel mount I can add to the illumintor bracket so I have more flexibility on angling it the perfect direction...