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  1. NinjaLars

    No ip adress/camera name

    Hello! I got my new IPC-T5442-TM-AS,very excited by the way I hooked one in to the same port and cable I used for my Reolink cameras. The strange thing was that it first showed up as "no name available" without an ip adress on my amplifi HD rauter. I assigned an IP to it but I still can't...
  2. NinjaLars

    Sighthound vs Blue Iris

    Hello, Until recently I've been using Sighthound for about 3 years and it works fairly well besides some false deer notifications. I've now bought BI with Deep stack and will try it out for a while. What are the pros and cons with sighthound VS BI/DS? Which has the best recognition software?
  3. NinjaLars

    Best IR location for BI/DS

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and to BI as well. First of all: Thank you all for contributing here! Without this forum I would still be stumbling in the dark trying to find good info. I'm getting false alarms from bugs and spiders on some of my cameras and from what I can see it's because...