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  1. Broachoski

    Blue iris iOS app used 95gb of data last month, it cost $1500 - was not running in background

    Make sure settings, general, Background App Refresh is not turned on on the Iphone.
  2. Broachoski

    Storage Requirement

    Thanks looney2ns. Since BI alerts tab defaults to "when this camera is triggered" I had overlapping confusion but the help file is giving me more insight into trigger settings, particularly being able to lengthen the time.
  3. Broachoski

    Storage Requirement

    Chosen for each camera in settings menu and under RECORD tab. I just realized that I have some set up to record CONTINUOUS + ALERTS and some CONTINUOUS + TRIGGERED. Could someone elaborate the difference between these 2?
  4. Broachoski

    Storage Requirement

    I have chosen to sacrifice some quality for quantity myself. In order to keep a months worth of recordings to 8TB, running 27 cameras 24/7 I have all cameras set using "continuous + triggered" and run from 5 to 15 fps depending on my personal requirements. This has been a continual "work in...
  5. Broachoski

    Alert playback plays the whole clip?

    Playing the whole "video" clip can be helpful if you wanted to back up a few seconds or continue to watch the action after the "alert" ended. I do not mind hitting "ESC" to revert back to the normal screen. I find it beneficial every day. My videos are set for 1 hour which I feel are more user...
  6. Broachoski

    Purchased Blue Iris through ipcamtalk - can't download Working now from Blue Iris site. 144 megs for V5. You are not required to download from the IPCT store. Fenderman, please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Broachoski

    Are Most Routers POE Compatible?

    Would adding a common switch, POE or not, at the router help. Plug the current 2 lines into it and then a single line into the router. If memory serves me correctly, this is configured this way due to location issues.
  8. Broachoski

    Are Most Routers POE Compatible?

    I am no pro but having 4 cameras running through the router then to the NVR seems like a bottleneck.
  9. Broachoski

    Where Are Temporary Video Files Stored

    In explorer, If you single click on one of the active files that show size of 1k or thereabout, within a couple of seconds its updated size will display.
  10. Broachoski

    Cardinals and other stuff

    Nice flight of the drone.
  11. Broachoski

    Wood ducks leave the nest box. Dahua 1A203TNI 2MP 3x IR Starlight Mini PTZ

    Wow! never imagined there would be so many.
  12. Broachoski

    Funny / Satire

  13. Broachoski

    SUNBA PoE+ PTZ Camera Outdoor, 36X Optical Zoom 5MP

    I have enjoyed this thread Saltster and just now noticed that you are using an NVR and Blueiris. Would you elaborate on why using both? I love BI and recently inherited a Dahua NVR and have considered adding it to my playground if I can find an advantage.
  14. Broachoski

    Fun times at the gas station ...

    Sure a lot of female drama there. I can't imagine how much hassle it would be to do a police report but thankfully the video helps.
  15. Broachoski

    SUNBA PoE+ PTZ Camera Outdoor, 36X Optical Zoom 5MP

    Nice! How far away was the possum in feet or yards (estimate) and please don't say acres. I am impressed with that Sunba.
  16. Broachoski

    Blue Iris problem

    I receive these calls regularly, not only lying about being from Microsoft but also Amazon, AT@T, DirecTV, IRS, etc. I will end this once my bank account is funded from my long lost relative in Nigeria who needs my help getting his money to the US.
  17. Broachoski

    is your man cave up to snuff??

    I could have added over a million rounds of various ammo for that price.
  18. Broachoski

    EZVIZ C6N in Blue Iris - PTZ and audio not working

    Thanks looney2ns for catching my typo
  19. Broachoski

    EZVIZ C6N in Blue Iris - PTZ and audio not working

    If available at reasonable price in your area, the Amcrest IP2M-881 works well with Blueiris. I use them wired but disable WIFI.
  20. Broachoski

    Ethernet, POE, Gigabit Switch, Which One Do I Need?

    Do you by chance have electric available to where the pipe runs? If so then you would need only 1 cable (minimum) and install and 8 port POE switch there.
  21. Broachoski

    Need help choosing the right switch

    I prefer to use inexpensive BV-Tech 9 port POE+ (dumb) switches. Chain them together and should 1 have an issue then it doesn't take down the whole system. I currently have near 30 POE and POE+ cameras on them and lots of non poe equipment. Just my 2cents.
  22. Broachoski

    i7-12700 vs i7-12700F vs 12700K

    He lives on the forums here at Like other drugs it can stretch your budget to extremes.
  23. Broachoski

    Modem tuning help

    Back in the stone ages I ran a BBS using a Commodore 64 with 1200 baud, dialup, Was told 2400 would be impossible. Tech has come a long way in our lifetimes.
  24. Broachoski

    i7-12700 vs i7-12700F vs 12700K

    JT Blue Iris, Andy's next promotion coming up in a few days so you can help each other out.
  25. Broachoski

    Two POE Cams Over One Ethernet Cable

    i have several of those cheapo combiner/splitter units in operation and they work well. Each camera is operating on only 4 of the 8 wires and those units take advantage of the 4 unused wires.
  26. Broachoski

    What The Heck Is That Sound

    Also sounds like someone blowing an Aztec Death Whistle. I 3D printed some a while back and my son-in-law kept the kids spooked for quit a while by blowing it at night while outside.
  27. Broachoski

    Failed communication with all six my Empiretech cameras after power cycle

    I would run BI on a different modem without internet access but to get you going this may help in changing your new modem/router IP so you can get the cameras set up. " How do I change the settings on my Arris router? Configure the settings for your Arris modem in the control panel section...
  28. Broachoski

    Does firmware change with a factory reset SD59432XA-HNR?

    I bought 2 T5442T-ZE refurbs from Andy. One of them allowed me to login via IE an asked to assign my new password. The other one asked for the login password and, like yourself, I tried the 1234, etc and failed. I also did resets with power on and power off but still could not access the camera...
  29. Broachoski

    Help for a microphone install

    At 68 I want to learn more and more but supposedly simple things are kicking my ass.
  30. Broachoski

    Help for a microphone install

    On BI screen. Here is a pic of where they are.