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    Transfer configuration from one camera to another

    I just got a SD59432XA-HNR from Andy's refurb deals. It will be replacing a SDA49425-HNR. The new camera will hang on the same bracket. I would like to have the same presets, tours and settings on the new camera. In lieu of setting them up manually, can they be exported from the old to the new?
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    Pleasant side effects of the supply chain fiasco!

    I picked up a pair of work boots from the Red Wing store today. I got the same style I have used for years and just asked to be sure they were still made in Red Wing Minnesota and they are. The young lady then told me that because of the supply chain issue, they are selling many more American...
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    Remembrance of 9-11

    From the Home Depot in Zephyrhills Florida today. Thank you for remembering those lost
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    Good cameras even needed in rural areas!

    I always see posts of crime captured on urban cameras. I think a good surveillance system is warranted in rural America also.