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    CPU useage What is normal?

    CPU useage is 40-60% on a 4Ghz Intel 8Core 16 Threads CPU with 64GB of memory and a 1080TI. There are 6 cameras 4 are 4K and 2 are 2K. I do not record streams, only AI motion detection with AI tools. I run blueiris as a service. This seems a bit much.
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    Start AITool and Blueiris before Windows login

    How can you start AI tool before login in Windows? I got this working on my previous BlueIris setup, but I can't remember how I did it. I know AI Tool can start before login because it worked for me, but I do not know exactly what I did anymore.
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    Deepstack GPU for Windows problems (Cuda version 11 and Cudnn install).

    I have a 3090 RTX video card. I need a newer version 11 of CUDA because version 10.1 does not support a 3090 RTX video card. I am not sure if Deepstack is compatible with that version. Or that CUDA is even backward compatible. I also don't understand how I should install Cudnn (what folder...
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    New Asus router does not show Hickvision cameras (No hickvision webinterface by IP)

    The Hickvision cameras worked fine with my previous Netgear router. In the settings of the Hickvision cameras I assigned a 'static' IP to them so they would always retain that IP address. This worked fine with my old router, but with the new router the camera's don't show up and I can't connect...
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    Substantial lag in camera overview but not in individual full screen camra view.

    The camera overview view has substantial lag for some cameras. Viewing individual cameras fullscreen works, with virtually no lag. The last individually viewed camera seems to retain the no-lag, but the other camera lags about 10-20 seconds. This seems to be a bit random, which camera and for...
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    Not recording in 4K Resolution from 265+ Stream Hickvision

    The Main realtime stream is crisp 4K image, but recorded videos are clearly a much lower resolution. The Camera is using 265+ Compression. I set BlueIris to use that stream directly and save it to disk without recompression. What am I doing wrong?
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    I can't get mobile push notifications to work.

    I enabled/set everything: Main settings, Cameras Alerts, Firewall open, Enabled the mobile devices etc, set the names correctly. Installed mobile apps on IOS and Android. (Using BlueIris version 5) I just can't get push notifications to work. The test button also does nothing.