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    SOTU Speech Biden Bingo

    GOP Invites People to Play 'Biden Bingo' During SOTU Address Link
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    Linux Vulnerability; affects all major Linux distributions

    PwnKit: Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Discovered in polkit’s pkexec (CVE-2021-4034) Link to story
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    Lots of camera captures from wind storm in Colorado 12/15/2021

    Link goes to Colorado Springs news affiliate channel 11 KKTV Numerous viewer submitted videos
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    UPDATE FIXED - BI5 issues after power outage and Windows 10 update,

    Hello everyone, been running BI-5 and four Dahua/Andy Cams recording 24/7 for close to a year, isolated on a separate NIC. PC has plenty of CPU (Ryzen2700) /RAM (16GB) horse power, never an issue. I am updating my original post below as I have discovered additional information. After a multi...
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    TIOC 2.0

    Guessing this is something new?
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    Fouled Up My Dahua 5442 (Andy Cam) And Now Unable To Access In The Web GUI Need Some Help

    Long story short: System is BI 5 and 4 Dahua (Andy) Cams and has been rock solid for 6+ months. I have a second NIC Card in my BI PC but my system does not have BI on the dual NIC. Due to recent Dahua security issues I decided to start the move to dual NIC and went into the admin GUI and...
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    Bear gets up-close-and-personal with Ring Doorbell

    Not my House/Bear:D EVERGREEN, Colo. (KDVR) — A bear was caught on camera earlier this week trying to find its way into a home. Todd Mitchem said the bear was captured on his Ring Doorbell camera around 3:16 a.m. on Sunday. “So….errr….I mean…hello friend,” shared Mitchem. You can watch the...
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    Android App Connect Problems

    Hello all, been fighting this off and on today and hoping someone smarter than me (that would be most here:p) can help me out. Running Blue Iris 5 purchased here about 6 mos ago, added Blue Iris Android today from the Play Store, can't connect! Read through the archives and I believe all the...
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    Working with Cat 5E vs. Cat 6 experiences & Pass Through Connectors

    Hello everyone, I have made at least a dozen Cat5E cables using the Klein crimping tool and Klein Pass Through Connectors, zero issues and I can make a cable from start to finish (2 ends stripped/crimped) in 3 - 5 minutes. I recently purchased some Cat6 Direct Burial cable, I generally buy...
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    Shutter Speed and Full Color, I am doing something wrong!

    Hello everyone, I have read, and read again old threads, new threads, wiki posts and I am doing something wrong, I just can't figure it out. Here is my issue, I have two Dahua (Andy) IPC-T5442-AS 3.6 watching my driveway from two different angles w/BI5 (under the garage eaves). I run these in...
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    For those who have hidden or disguised Cams in faux Bird House's, any issues with birds pecking or damaging the lens?

    I want to put a few cams at lower heights in bird houses. Has anyone done this and had problems with birds pecking or damaging the lens? My plan is to cut a hole for the lens with a hole saw so the hole will be pretty much be the size of the exterior lens. Currently just playing around; here is...
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    Blue Iris Questions related to CPU GPU Usage and Nvidia

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of fine tuning my system ( Blue Iris X64 purchased from IPCamtalk Store and 3 Dahua/Empiretech Cams, a 2MP Varifocal, and two 5442 fixed focal, currently recording 24/7). PC is a Ryzen 2700 CPU, 16GB Ram, BI5 & OS on a separate M.2 PCI 3.0 NVMe drive...
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    Advice on a very short cable distance run & underground installation

    Hello everyone, I will be mounting a hidden Andy/Dahua cam in a home built 95% watertight birdhouse on my cedar privacy fence. The installation will require about 4 feet underground through 3/4 plastic conduit (to cross the gate open/close area). I plan on adding a lightning arrestor and...
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    Looking for an 8MP Dahua Varifocal, which model? Have the recommended IPCAMTALK low light stuff already

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of building my system and I have followed the ipcamtalk recommendations of a Dahua 2MP Varifocal starlight to start, followed by two Dahua (Loryta) 5442 , added another 2 MP Starlight recently. I am only recording with one of the 5442's 3.6MM at the moment but...
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    Sudden Increase in False Alarms in Blue Iris

    Hello everyone; I have learned so much here and appreciate all the great information. I have 3 Andy cams (An IPC-T2231T-ZS 2MP varifocal and two IPC-T5542TM-AS 3.6MM, and Blue Iris 5 (on a dedicated WIN 10 PC), B.I. was purchased from the ipcamtalk store. I am slowly building my system and only...
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    Opinions Wanted On Install Pictures

    Greetings all, the attached pictures represent my proposed install of a Dahua (Andy OEM) and Dahua Side Mount. The pine board is just temporary to assist in determining the mounting location, the attached is very close to the final location. The cable comes out of the mount on the side towards...
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    Quick question & critique on my BI folder arrangement

    Hello everyone, I am trying to take my time to gain a good understanding of my new BI/cam setup, this forum has been very helpful in steering me towards quality and value, thank you. Here is the system in question: BI software, 3 Dahua (Andy), C: OS/BI on NVMe 500GB, D: 500GB SSD, E: 4TB WD...
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    Unusual Networking Problem POE Switch PC Incompatibility Looking For A Solution

    I know this is going to seem a bit strange but this is the situation. I have the following equipment, 3 OEM Dahua's bought from Andy, BI software purchased from IPCamtalk, a Zyxel GS1008HP POE Switch (802.3 AT/AF) and a Windows 10 PC built with with an ASUS Motherboard. Here is the problem...
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    Unable to initialize new Dahua, could really use some help

    Hello everyone, I have an issue I have been fighting for the last several hours and decided to reach out for guidance. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Quick background, this is my second Dahua camera (Andy products 2231 then 5442), the first one (about a month ago) I did not have...
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    Question about my Blue Iris Single License

    Hello to all, sorry if this is a dumb question. I have a single BI license on a dedicated BI PC purchased through the IPCamtalk Store. Windows 10 updated and fouled my PC up (removed Chrome, Removed Dahua Toolbox/PSS, other unwanted side effects). I was planning on restoring my PC to an...
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    Hello to all, brand new guy stopping by to say thank you ipcamtalk

    Hello everyone, what a great and active website. There is so much valuable information here and I am overwhelmed but enjoying learning. There are so many members here I would like to thank for sharing information and their test & evaluations but I don't want to snub anyone by naming just a few...