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    Availability of 8MP ColorVu Turrets DS-2CD2387G2-L(U)

    Any updates on when the DS-2CD2387G2-L(U) will be available for purchase? Link DS-2CD2387G2-L(U)
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    How to disable authentication

    Is there a way to disable authentication on the streams, I would like to have no authentication on the httpPreview stream, Motioneye provides this feature, but Motioneye has other issues (resizing stream is not possible).
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    No motion/event markers on playback

    Hikvision PoE camera, no NVR and continuous recording, is it possible to playback the recording in a way that would show (line crossing) events?
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    How does push notifications work?

    Could someone please explain how the Hikvision push notification work? Setup is the simplest possible and as follows: a fairly new 4Mp ColorVu + iVMS-4500 (iPhone). It seems that there is some (Chinese) server involved, which takes care of delivering the push notification from the IP camera to...
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    No push notfications, IVMS 4500 Lite on iOS and Hikvsion single ColorVue Turret Poe camera

    The setup is very simple, one Hikvision ColorVu OEM IP Camera DS-2CD2347G1-LU + current generation iPhone with IVMS 4500 Lite. The POE camera is behind a firewall. Initially the push notifications worked very well, even when the mobile phone was not within range of the local network, which is...
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    How to disarm Hikvision in-camera alarm function

    I have a couple of Hikvision cameras, and planning to acquire more. The primary use is surveillance, when I'm not at home, line cross triggers recording to NAS, and sends an alarm to iVMS-4500, which works really well. The secondary use is to trigger outdoor lights, through Node Red...
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    DS-2CD2083G0-I 12pin PCB connector

    Any idea what the specific model of the JCB connector that connects the CAT cable to the OCB and where one could buy one? My plan is to replace the whole ethernet cable, with a weather resistant cable. The reason why I removed the original one is because the camera is mounted against the wall...