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    2 cameras on winbook windows based tablet

    I have an older winbook , windows tablet made by microcenter. Has anyone tried blue Iris on that with 2 1080p USB based cameras?
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    Camera mount on eves

    Installing some colorvu or nitecolor cameras with junction boxes on a soffit or eve. Would like it to be a bit lower to prevent light reflection. Any ideas on how to lower the box. Has to look nice, the in laws are picky as hell
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    Blue Iris and nvr at same time

    I have some one that wants to have an nvr and blue Iris setup on same lan at once. Anyone done this before with any issues? It's a hikvision setup
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    Lightning strike by house

    Here is what happens when lightning strikes right next to your house Blew out all my switches in different rooms, multiple surge protectors, fridge , router, access point . Everything on Ethernet did not have a surge protector on the line itself. Guess I'm in the market for more networking...
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Using an older sff for blue iris right now. Would like to upgrade to more storage and cpu. I have a 6700k for my main system with a full size mobo , atx. Was thinking of buying an I7 9700k and atx mobo and place my old mobo and cpu in another case. Other option is to buy an i5 9600k and mini...
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    Bi5 AMD support

    With the new release of bi5 is AMD any better? Looking to build a new blueiris server possibly and have been looking at Ryzen.
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    VPN question

    I would like to set up a vpn connection at another site to my home and record the cameras via blue Iris. I have very fast internet at both sites. Currently using a ubiquiti usg with vpn setup for my laptop and mobile. I plan on using blue Iris to record both sites. You think I can use a PC...
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    Frustrated, missed out on an event

    I have Blue Iris running with a whopping three cameras right now at home. Sometime during the day yesterday someone visited and shoveled my long driveway with a vehicle. I have no idea who it was and when I looked up the recordings, nothing was there for that time line. I currently record...
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    Great experience with Andy

    Ordered a camera from Andy on the Amazon store. Was here quickly and packaged well. Thanks Andy
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    BlueIris problems on 4k monitor

    I just installed BlueIris on my machine which is running at 4k resolution. The text is small for everything until you click the configuration icon and then the menu that pops up is normal size. Any ideas?
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    network gurus need help on picking out firewall/router

    I need/want a new router for my home network. Currently have a netgear AC router that I have to reboot all the time. Have not had good luck with Netgear lately. I have 3 Engenius AC access points that I picked up in my travels that I can use with a wired router if needed. Been looking at the...
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    Mic size

    I have a newer Nelly's 4k camera that has the dome in it. It has a line level audio in and out back but I don't know what size it is.... Looks like a 2.5mm . Anyone know where to get a mic at?
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    Police chase, suspect falls.through ceiling

    Looks like Hikvision cameras . What a shit show
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    Finally an lts thread

    Finally an lts thread, @milkisbad
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    external microphone

    I installed an external microphone on a lts system but cannot find in the settings onwhere to enable It. Unfortuantely LTS is closed right now...any ideas? Its plugged into the rca jack on the back of the nvr
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    Dark lines on camera

    I have 4 or 5 dark lines on my IP camera that was just installed going across the video. I suspect it's the cable because it doesn't do it while plugged into the switch. I am afraid the electricians messed it up while pulling the cable. Normally I do it myself. Any ideas? I put new...
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    IP camera service contract

    Normally my prime "employer" owns several businesses and I install cameras for him across the state. A local person has contacted me to install 10 cameras in 2 buildings and would like a maintenance or service contract that consists of keeping the cameras running, cleaning them and checking to...
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    35 cameras

    I'm going to be purchasing 35 cameras and it's kind of an odd number... Well would you guys go with two 32 channel nvrs or one 64. I will be using LTS. I'm leaning towards two 32 channels for higher bandwith and in case one NVR goes down I can route higher priority cameras to other one...
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    Sad day

    We just put an offer in on a split level house. Of course I'm going to be installing cameras but it's going to be a pain running wire since I don't have much access in the attic except for a couple access panels. Arggg Not looking forward to it. May just sell all my home cameras and buy new...
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    WTS 2 IP cameras 3MP/1MP

    I have two Dahua or generic dahua cameras. They have the dahua software and should work with Hikvision/Dahua nvrs fine. One is a 1MP and the other is a 3MP. Both are new and only one has a box. I found them in my closet and they are a couple years old. I would like to sell them for both for...
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    Lts or hikvision question

    I know on dahua nvrs you can setup continuous and motion detection at the same time. Is that possible with Lts or hikvision?
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    Indoor cameras

    What are you guys using for indoor cameras? The major brands of hikvision/dahua/Lts or the other brands that are cheaper off of Amazon or newegg? I was thinking of getting some but didn't want permanent cameras installed
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    Raspberry pi as dash cam

    Looking for a tutorial of pointer in a pi project which allows you to auto upload files and record with push of a button. I just want a green or red ledntp light up when recording and a button to shut down. Do not want a screen. Any ideas?
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    Intruder problem

    Well I had an intruder get me the other day. My back porch camera quit working so I pulled the camera, let the cable hang and two of the pins seemed to be shorted out for some reason. Thought it was a connector so I just left it and forgot about due to weather and lack of time for a few days...
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    Ubiquiti camera to read license plate

    Anyone use a ubiquitous camera to read a license plate? The city I went with bought 27 of these junk cameras from our local ISP and the idiots installed them 40 feet up on utility poles and people wonder why they can't read license plates. Anyone have any luck with using them at the proper...
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    Eyesurv/Dahua nvr fan replacement

    Had an eyesurv nvr that is just out of warranty quit on me at one of my distant properties. After a 3 hour drive, there and back I found out the fan quit working in the nvr causing it to overheat and lock up. I found a possible fan replacement at DVR Motherboard Fan but does not list any other...
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    Eyesurv cameras work with hikvision nvr

    Anyone have luck with eyesurv cameras working with hikvision NVR. I don't need motion activation constant recording is fine. Thanks
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    UPS for NVR

    I am going to get a UPS for a remote NVR that I have setup that has 3 cameras and a POE switch. The NVR is a small 8 channel LTS with built in POE but not using the POE switch side. Ive used normal non sine wave ups systems in the past but do you think these newer nvrs require a sine wave ups...
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    New LTS Security ip ptz install

    Just got done finishing this pole with an IP PTZ from LTS. The other camera is a 4mp LTS camera also.
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    5 mp hikvision cameras, anyone try them?

    Just like the subject says, anyone try the 5mp cameras yet?