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    Blue Iris sub streams and iOS mobile app

    Good evening, I'm currently attempting to set up sub streams on my main BI computer, however I've run into an issues. When I enable sub streams and "Record dual-streams if available" It works as expected when viewing the cameras from the BI console or UI3. When I use the iOS app on my iPhone the...
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    Dahua Sunrise/Sunset utility glitch?

    I’m using the Dahua Sunrise/sunset utility to switch some of my cameras profiles at 3 different locations. All of the cameras are the Dahua 4mp 5442 variants. This morning none of the cameras at any location switched to the day profile and I had to do it manually. I’ve been using this utility...
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    Amazon lost my Dahua IPC-T2431T-AS?

    On 7/4/2021 I ordered three Dahua cameras from Andy via PayPal. Andy quickly shipped two of my cameras via USPS and one of them via Amazon Logistics (The IPC-T2431T-AS) . The cameras shipped via USPS arrived quickly and on time. However, I was wondering why the IPC-T2431T-AS did not get...
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    Blue Iris 5 crashing every 2 to 3 days

    My System: Windows 10 Professional (originally installed on a clean drive from the media creation tool) Blue Iris 5 (Running as a service) Intel Core i7 8700 16GB RAM Asus mATX Motherboard Samsung PRO 850 128GB SSD System Drive (OS and BI DB) 2x 4TB Western Digital Purple Drive 1x 2TB...
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    Weird issue after updating

    After updating from to I noticed that sometimes the camera border will be outlined in yellow while recording (triggered by motion detection) or sitting idle. The yellow circle with exclamation point never appeared in the window frame and everything seemed normal, so I didn't...
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    SD6AL230F-HNI Firmware

    Does anyone have or know where to get the firmware version V2.06.69.R.161213 or 2.423 2017-01-18 for this camera? Thanks!
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    Errors since updating to

    Earlier today I updated BI to version and since then I've been getting email alerts with the following errors. 8/6/2017 8:11:00 PM Aux 2: Delete: nothing to do [2420/168 hrs, 1.65T/1.66T, 73.9G free] (79) 8/6/2017 8:11:00 PM Aux 1: Delete: nothing to do [604/168 hrs, 3.31T/3.32T...
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    Anyone else having issues with the BI app on iOS?

    Within the past couple of weeks I've been having issues with my mobile BI app. Sometimes when I connect to my BI server, the app is slow to load and will cause my connection to the BI server to disconnect. When this happens, I am unable to login back in and the app will show a check server...
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    Dahua Starlight vs. Hikvision Darkfighter

    I'm in the market for a good low light camera with a motorized lens (capable of at least 8mm). So far I've narrowed down my search between the Dahua Starlight IPC-HFW8281E-Z and the Hikvision DarkFighter DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZ(H)(S). I'm leaning towards the Dahua Starlight due to the price of the...
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5 Firmware

    I recently installed the Hikvision DS-2CD2232-I5 I had laying around. It's running firmware version V5.1.2 build 140116. I was wondering if anyone has latest firmware or the link to where I could download it. Thanks!
  11. S x64 update file

    I'm looking for the x64 update file. If anyone has it and is willing to share, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hikvision vs. LTS firmware

    I currently have the Hikvision 2042WD-I 4mp bullet camera and the 2142FWD-I 4MP dome camera. The Hikvision firmware that's currently on the units (5.3.3) is horrible when it comes to Wide Dynamic Range. I read in another thread a while back that LTS had firmware that fixed the WDR. Does anyone...
  13. S Hardware Acceleration issue

    Good morning, I just updated from Blue iris 4.2.4 to to attempt to take advantage of the hardware acceleration. Upon updating, I went to "options", "Cameras", and checked off "Use Intel HD Hardware acceleration for H.264 decoding". After enabling this feature, I restarted the blue iris...
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    Hikvision 2CD2132F-I 3MP IP Dome camera

    Does anyone have sample footage of the Hikvision 2CD2132F-I Dome Camera @3MP with a 2.8mm lens?
  15. S forum

    Does anyone know what happened to the forum? It's been offline for about a week.
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    Blue Iris 4.1.9

    Does anyone have or know where I can get the file for blue Iris 4.1.9? Currently running 4.2.3 and I would like to downgrade. Thanks!