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    Time lapse camera shots

    I'm going to have a building put up and was thinking I'd like to have one of my cameras take snapshots every hour during daylight hours to record the progress. Is there already a pre-written program out there that can do this (other than BI)?
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    Dahua NVR - Wireless Mouse

    Has anyone been able to get a wireless mouse to work with a Dahua NVR?
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    What is the Latest Firmware for the 4231FP?

    I can't seem to find it.
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    OpenALPR and Dahua camera Stream Settings

    I'm playing with my standard 5231 and it reads the mainstream just fine (H.265) at FPS/Iframe at 30, bitrate at 2048 @ 1920x1080. Wondering if I should be using a different settings via substream 1 (H.264) or 2 (mjpg)? Thanks
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    IVS Setup Issues

    I've been fighting this for about a week now, read all through the wiki and threads here and I'm stumped. I have (purchased from @EMPIRETECANDY thank you!!): 5216P4k NVR @v3.215.0000000.0, Build Date: 2017-08-14 2-5231R-Z @ v2.460.0000000.16.R, Build Date: 2017-09-04 Motion detection works...