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    Broken HDW5231R-Z pigtail cable

    Hi there, I removed some cameras from a place I lived previously. When I remove one of the pigtails from the hole it was pushed into, I think I yanked it too hard and I realized it immediately since it felt like it kinda stretched out where the white cable connects to the pigtail connector...
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    Camera placement and installation questions on new residence (with pics)

    Hi there, I've been in a new house for months and during this time, I have been contemplating an installation of my IP cameras to get my Blue Iris server up and at it again. I have five Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-Z cameras that I took down from the house we sold last year and they've been...
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    Camera placement advice

    I am awaiting 5 Dahua hdw5231r-z cameras and have just ordered a PoE switch and Cat6 cable and other networking equipment. I have posted my house diagram with my proposed cam placement (yellow diamonds). Right now I am trying to get most of the front area of my house and the garage. The back I...
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    Brand new Blue Iris PC built, now need camera recommendations

    Hello, I'm new here. I've been reading lots of posts on this forum primarily regarding Blue Iris PC configurations by fenderman. I am now in the process of putting together a new PC with a i7-6700 Skylake CPU, 16GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, and 1TB WD Purple to start out. I have a small 2000 sq ft...