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    SeaMAX.dll is missing

    Just got the same issue with the latest update. Did you find a solution?
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    How TO: Raspberry PI as remote UI3 viewer (no keyboard/mouse)

    Thanks for this just set it up!
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    Hardware spec for a BI machine.

    Setting up win 10 as we speak and ran the following tools to remove all the crapware
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    Hardware spec for a BI machine.

    I think im going to go windows 10. Iv been running windows 11 and I do see a boost in performance for everyday tasks. I just dont trust it yet for running blue iris Thank you for your reply
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    Hardware spec for a BI machine.

    Can you all recommend which operating system to run blue iris on? Im remaking a blue iris system on my hypervisor server (running esxi). Wondering if I should go windows 10 or 11
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    PSA! Firmware Update for 7616-NI-E2 V3.4.106_191009

    They are shutting down ivms 4500? what are people supposed to use?
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    PSA! Firmware Update for 7616-NI-E2 V3.4.106_191009

    After 30 Months I just saw a new update for the 7616NI-E2 NVR Im a bit shocked since this thing has been EOL V3.4.106_191009 Download Portal Unfortunately no release notes so I have no idea what was addressed. If anyone happens to know let us know!
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    Is Hikvision etc safe?

    So what standalone nvr is everyone recommending these days? Been running hikvision for years. Of course its not opened to the internet. I also run a blue iris system so im very familiar with it. Looking to update my older hikvision 7616e2 and simply wondering what I should go for. Would love...
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    HIKvision NVR alternative

    I checked out watchnet on youtube. It seems to be a rebranded hikvision or dahua. I think dahua is the oem of these not sure
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    Options for a multi-purpose always on machine

    You ever looking into an ESXI server? Once you go this route, you never really go back. Run as many things you want on it. I have one running my blue iris with a ubiquiti cloud server and unms server. All different operating systems. More ram the better (luckily its cheap right now), and the...
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I can confirm this worked on two separate installs. On a side note: bl5 does seem more efficient. Computer running with less cpu Thanks for the fix!
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    BI 5 is live - Better AI alerts

    Just installed mine and the web server interface isnt working. Change the http path to the correct blue iris 5 folder but getting this error
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    blue iris main benefits over current model NVR?

    I run both. I use blue iris as a backup system. Very happy with hikvision nvr. I always used to run software based nvr units (back from the geovision days) but I just like standalone hardware nvrs more. They never crash and you can set it and forget it. They also have a lower power draw than a...
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    Running BI in Virtualbox, will Intel hardware acceleration work?

    I know for a fact intel quick sync works with esxi. I run my plex server on an esxi server and it plex gives me the option to enable it since it sees it
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    Access IP cameras from WAN

    Had the same thing happen to me. VPN is indeed the solution to it all I dont expose any hikvision equipment to the net. Just too many exploits constantly found. Cant trust it
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    iVMS - 4200 runtime error ?

    I had the same issue also. Somehow it fixed itself BUT i just found out a newer version of ivms is out. Might want to try installing that one DOWNLOAD EU PORTAL
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    latest firmware for DS-2CD2XX1、DS-2CD2xx5、DS-2CD2xx6、DS-2CD2xx7

    You are indeed correct! I opened the zip file and I saw what you just posted. Seems they combined them all into one file. Im glad this is the case now I wont risk it . Thank you alastairstevenson
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    latest firmware for DS-2CD2XX1、DS-2CD2xx5、DS-2CD2xx6、DS-2CD2xx7

    It exists on the china site 海康威视是以视频为核心的物联网解决方案提供商 Still not available in europe download portal
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2x32-I (R0) brick-fix tool / full upgrade method / fixup roundup.

    Anyone know if V5.5.53 is safe to upgrade to cameras patched with this method? I noticed the china website has 5.5.53 on it Im not sure if it will work . Im also not sure if that firmware will still be in english
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    latest firmware for DS-2CD2XX1、DS-2CD2xx5、DS-2CD2xx6、DS-2CD2xx7

    Are these in english? I did the mod on my DS-2CD2032 that allowed me to upgrade from 5.2.5 to 5.4.5. It should be able to upgrade to the newer V5.5.53 but im worried it might break the hack or be in chinese. Thoughts? Thank you for your help
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    Recommended security settings for Hikvision NVR and router

    Dont think you can do this with ASUS routers. I personally run pfsense. You can set up a VLAN and only allow your hikvision on that network. I also use this for my IOT devices. I would disable all port forwarding and use openvpn to access NVR I see no harm in blocking outgoing traffic from nvr...
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    Latest Cameras and software

    Id also recommend clearling all dns servers in the network settings. This fully prevents it from reaching the outside internet (unless hikvision has backup dns servers in code)
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    HIK Vision Ds 7616NI, how to use the other 8 ports?

    A better option is get a 16 port POE and have the cameras all static ip and not hooked up to the nvr. That is my personal opinion on how these cameras should be installed. This allows camera access to any other program you may be using "for example blue iris". It also lets you hide the nvr...
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    Added new HikVision cameras to old NVR, now they don't work on the new one?

    That is normal. If you setup nvr with new cameras it applies nvr default password. Did you buy them on aliexpress? I always recommend factory resetting those cameras since they sometimes come preprogrammed with the shady vendors hikconnect account
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    Hik-connect question

    Hello Jeff I dont recommend using hikconnect to change camera settings. Best method is this Go to your nvr and navigate to CONFIGURATION/NETWORK/ADVANCED SETTINGS and check " Enable Virtual Host" Now you can go to CONFIGURATION/SYSTEM/CAMERA MANAGEMENT and youll see on the right side of the...
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    DS-7600NI-E1(E2) 7700NI-E4 » V3.4.98 build171121 Released

    Not sure what has changed but I just updated my nvr International models can be found here DOWNLOAD PORTAL
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    HIKVision NVR setup is driving me crazy.

    I had an asus router and am very familiar with the system. Use OPENVPN for your VPN server. Easiest and most secure. Make sure you have a DDNS name setup in case your IP address ever changes. With asus its "" Go to your users under openvpn and export the config file...
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    Help With Hikvision Web Login

    Are you using the username "admin" for your login?
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    Internet Provider BELL warning vulnerabilty HIK Vision Camera

    This was actually a very good email for you to receive. UPNP is a definite NONO. I actually disable my hikvision nvr from accessing the outside internet and its only viewable when I connect through my home VPN The vulnerability is in your cameras firmware. That specific version allows anyone...