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    BI only shows 3 days of stored clips in the calendar

    In my new clip storage location, I have ~16 days of clips. When I look at the calendar in BI, I only have a red dot for the past three days. I can double-click on the oldest clip in the storage location and BI will play it. I did a "Repair DB" and it didn't change anything. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Deepstack "images" and "analyze every" settings

    I'm using 6 images and analyze every 500 ms. I'm curious if that's too few images, since it means it will analyze 6 images within 3 seconds. What settings are you using and do you use different settings for day and night profiles? Thanks!
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    Need an outdoor wireless camera for watching owls and their babies

    We have owls nesting in a tree just outside in our backyard. I'd like to purchase a wireless camera that has a decent optical zoom so we can watch them. Does Dahua offer anything like this. I only mention Dahua since all my other cameras are Dahua. Thanks!
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    Password manager not working with 5442s

    I use LastPass for all my password management. For some reason, it doesn't work with my new 5442 cameras. Anyone else seeing issues with LastPass or any other password manager?
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    Did a quick IR test tonight with 3 different IR illuminators

    This test was conducted with a Dahua IPC-T5442T-ZE from Andy. Default settings and running Andy's firmware. All three IR illuminators are a big improvement over the camera IR. Which one do you like the best? These brand new model Tendelux IR illuminators I bought on Amazon and received today...
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    Should UI3 camera layout match the console?

    My UI3 camera layout is different, how do I correct this? Thanks!
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    IR illuminator through glass?

    I plan to test this later tonight. I'm hoping IR illumination will work through a window. I have my doubts, but we'll see what happens.
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE from Andy question

    I purchased one of these to test and evaluate if it's worth upgrading several of my 5231s. I have two questions, what is the rectangular opening below the lens face and what does the "UP" stamp mean? I know it suggests orientation when installed, but what is the reason why? Thanks!
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    Anyone running DeepStack 2022.01.1?

    I'm curious if anyone has upgraded to the latest release. If so, how's it working for you? Thanks!
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    Advanced 2D and 3D settings causing grainy images?

    I have a IPC-T2431T-AS-2.8mm from Andy and I'm trying to dial in a better night image. Here are my settings below. Currently the images I'm getting are grainy. I have attached a full-res image that shows what I'm describing. I have 2 IR illuminators for this area and not using the camera IR. Any...
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    5231 Smart IR question

    All of my 5231s have Smart IR turned off because I use a separate IR illuminator with each camera. What I'm wondering is if I turn on the Manual IR and adjust it to the lowest setting, will it automatically adjust the exposure etc? The reason I'd use the lowest setting is because I'd like to...
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    Motion rectangles while viewing alerts

    My wife and I use the same account to log into our BI apps. On her iPhone, she sees motion rectangles while playing alerts. On my iPhone, I play the same alerts and don't have any motion rectangles. I can't seem to find a setting on the app for that. I'd like to turn motion rectangles off for...
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    Issue with archiving, files not deleting

    I have my "Alerts" folder set to only keep 1GB of files. Right now it has over 5GB. Any thoughts why this isn't working?
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    Profile configuration help

    I'd like to use 3 profiles. One that is in effect from sunrise to sunset. Another that is from sunset to 11 PM and finally one that is from 11 PM to sunrise. Is this possible? Thanks!
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    Noticed this when reviewing DS analysis

    I have my AI settings set for a 70% confidence before confirming an alert via DS. Today I noticed that I didn't have a confirmed alert until it reached 93%. Below, I have highlighted the T-62 msec object, which was confirmed as a car (87%). It wasn't until the T+2468 object confirmation at 93%...
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    BI camera settings for using different Deepstack models per profile

    I'd like to only use the standard objects Deepstack model during the day, and only the dark model at night. In my Day profile -> Trigger -> AI, I put dark:0 which doesn't work. It causes timeouts and no detections. What are the proper profile variables to accomplish what I would like to do? Thanks!
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    Need help installing a GPU

    I have a Dell OptiPlex 3010 that I have purchased an Nvidia Tesla K20 for. Is it pretty much plug-n-play or is their software/driver installs necessary? Thanks!
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    "On Alert" actions and Profile syncing

    I have one camera where I have defined multiple "On Alert" actions. My question is... if I go to another camera and got to camera settings -> alerts, if I sync with the camera where I have these actions defined, they don't get copied to the target camera. Is that by design or a bug? Thanks!
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    Alert notification number on app icon

    My wife and I each have the app on our iPhones. We also use the same account to access BI via the app. I'd like to know what actions clear the number of alerts? Overnight we had several alerts due to wildlife yet the number on the BI app icon only showed 5 when there were actually 30+. Thanks
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    Trouble powering a new IR illuminator

    I've been running a camera and IR illuminator using a PoE splitter and Y cable. This has worked just fine with a total of ~8.5W of power provided by the Unifi PoE switch port for the camera and IR illuminator. I just purchased a new IR illuminator that provides more light and uses 8W of power...
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    Where are DS images stored?

    I have DS set to analyze 3 additional images. Where are these images stored? Thanks!
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    Added Dark Model... process times slower?

    I'm testing the Dark Model. Overall, it seems to give higher percentage captures for Cars and People during night AND day. The only problem is that BI takes roughly two times longer to alert while running the custom model. Is that to be expected? Thanks!
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    Any suggestions for night exposure settings to improve this fox capture?

    All... this fox was recorded in my driveway with my 5231 using an external IR illuminator with camera IR turned off. There is no ambient light, rural area. Recently, I've been working with my night settings trying to improve things. What are your thoughts, thanks! Camera settings (Backlight...
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    IR illuminator placement question

    In relation to the camera, is it best to put the IR illuminator above or below the camera?
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    Camera snapshot file dates... need help

    I'm using the cameras to create snapshots of any IVS motion events I encounter via tripwires. These files are being stored on my local NAS server and then Plex ingests the files for me to review. The problem I have is that the file Creation and Modified Dates need to be the same. Instead, the...
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    BI Deepstack missed this one, how?

    I have a 70% threshold for DS objects. I just had a postal delivery and BI didn't alert it. I went back and watched the clip with DS tuning enabled. I have "bus" in my object list for AI. Any idea why this was missed? Thanks
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    Trigger Tab FTP question

    I'd like to FTP a Hi-Res image using the "Immediate Actions" on the Trigger Tab. After setting it up, I'm only getting a Lo-Res image. Is there a way to adjust this? Thanks!
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    Unifi camera VLAN setup

    I have a Unifi network and I'd really like to set up a VLAN to isolate my security cameras. Looking for anyone who may have done this for tips or lessons learned. Thanks
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    Direct burial Cat6 above ground?

    I'm running direct burial Cat6 today. It will be buried until it reaches the tree where the camera will be installed. The tree is in shade and gets no direct sunlight. Will running the Cat6 up the trunk 6' without conduit be okay? Thanks
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    My HSDB1 has died... need advice on what to replace it with

    My doorbell camera has died. I'd like to replace it with something that supports the following features. I would really appreciate advice on what to buy. Thanks! Must have: 1) Compatible with Blue Iris 2) Will connect to my existing chime 3) Built-in IR Nice to have: 1) PoE 2) WDR/Backlight...