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    Looking for feedback and testing of my Dahua Home Assistant integration (via HACS)

    Wondering if anyone has found a way to send a snapshot to HA upon crossline/human/etc. detection?
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    Dahua cameras and integration with home automation setup

    If you are using Home Assistant, there is a good integration put together by @runraid!
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    Hubble Panoramic Camera

    I have 3 Acres, but I'd have to think how I'd mount that monster!
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    Expanding Dahua NVR for Remote Cameras with 5GHz Radio Link

    I know it is Alaska and digging may be difficult due to rock, but 200' is not all that far for ethernet wire. Assuming you could dig/get to where you want to be, you could bury a 1" conduit and pull a couple of ethernet cables or even a fiber (which would give you the most bandwidth).
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    Normal, Day, Night Profiles for Dahua Cameras

    AFAIK, that camera doesn't have onboard IR illuminators and I'm not sure it has an IR cut filter either. You will need to provide external lighting to get any usable night time picture.
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    Dahua Camera - pings for a bit then seems to restart

    I just had the same thing happen. Depending on the camera, you can use TFTP to get the firmware on the camera. See this thread for guidance. I'm by no means an expert, but after reading the thread (and successor thread) I was able to get it working.
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    FYI: Weather Station LUX/UV sensor for day/night events

    If you are using Home Assistant, you can make an Automation using the Sun Angle as well. This turns on some string lights via a Z-Wave switch when the Sun is 1 degree below the horizon, but you could use it to fire any action available. Especially if you are using the Dahua Integration alias...
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    Latest new IPC-HDW5231R-ZE IPC-HX5X3X-Rhea_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000018.0.R.210707

    Upgraded 3 of my 5231's. One didn't like it and I had to do a TFTP recovery on it (which was interesting as it was giving "no dr command found"). But it is all good now.
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    Looking for feedback and testing of my Dahua Home Assistant integration (via HACS)

    I can confirm (not surprisingly), that this is working on the 5231/2231 and 4231FP-AS cameras as well. Thanks for the great integration. Hopefully this can make its way to official!
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    Calculate speed moving object - IPC-T5442T-ZE - BI
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200430 Latest new firmware

    IPC-HDW5231R-Z To be clear, I have the one that failed the UG working on v16, but it required using the serial connection. The other camera (same model) has had other issues and won't write the boot partition with 'run da' where 'run dr' give a successful write
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Rhea V2.800.0000016.0.R.200430 Latest new firmware

    I upgraded one of my cameras from V2.800.0000008.0.R to V2.800.0000016.0.R. Factory reset to defaults before the upgrade and upgraded from camera interface. It didn't go well and it wouldn't recover via TFTP, but I was successful via the serial connection. I tried an older camera that complains...
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    New SmartPSS win64

    What model number camera do you have? Can you view the image by directly going to the web page? My bet is there different encoding, bit rate, or some other issue that is causing issues. If you can relocate one of the working cameras to a non-working location and see if that works, that would...
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    New SmartPSS win64

    disable the 2 that are working and see if the 2 that aren't start working. Are you sure that you are logged into the camera (correct username/password)?
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    New SmartPSS win64

    Try a substream. Right-click on the image, stream-type and then sub stream
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    New SmartPSS win64

    after literally doing nothing to try to fix it over the weekend, it is now working. Who knows, but it is working won
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    New SmartPSS win64

    For some reason, mine just refuses to start now (worked fine for years). When it opens, it beeps 3X, but the app is nowhere to be found (not showing in task manager nor as an icon at the bottom). Uninstall fails as well and I've tried a system restore, but it still won't run. I'm stumped. And...
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    Unable to change IP of Dahua IP Cam

    I thought that once it configured, it defaulted to DHCP on reboot, but I may be wrong. Use ONVIF Device Manager to see if you can see it.
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    IVS Intrusion area inconsistent

    @nelsonr, I just checked my 2231 and it doesn't have the calibration either (nor do my 5231's). Must be only available on newer cameras. as @tigerwillow1 shows, I'm sure this is the issue.
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    Annke 8MP Camera, Nedd Help

    With that camera, you are going to have trouble at night and have discovered why more MP is not better: Image Sensor: 1/2.5" You will need to add more light and increase the shutter speed to something like 1/60 or faster, but you are fighting the wrong sensor for night time. Hikvision has...
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    IVS Intrusion area inconsistent

    Calibrate the camera. See this post.
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    [Help] - Cannot use SMTP on my HFW5442T-ASE (Loryta IPC-B5442T-ASE) but can use on my NVR...

    @MikeyTech8, I think it may make sense to try a different firmware on the camera. Maybe @EMPIRETECANDY can respond with what the latest is. @looney2ns , can you confirm what firmware you have on your camera and if the emails are working via the NVR? I don't have that specific camera, but if...
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    [Help] - Cannot use SMTP on my HFW5442T-ASE (Loryta IPC-B5442T-ASE) but can use on my NVR...

    @MikeyTech8, if the emails are going out from the NVR (I'm assuming they are being received), I would factory reset the cameras and start from the beginning.
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    Best Dahua camera for reading license plates?

    That is the camera most use, but it's both an art and science to get it to work. Your better off asking in the LPR section of the forum
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    POE cameras with best night vision

    @raj2986, it would be helpful if you would tell us the camera models you have. That is where your problem lies, not on the BI/NVR computer
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Starlight Camera-Varifocal

    @supersk, Dahua fixed the GMail SMTP issue with a recent (fall 2019ish) update.
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    IPC-B5442E-ZE 4MP Varifocal Cam Issue

    @LBX On your NVR, Management -> System -> Date&Time Tab Do you have NTP checked? What Server do you have? I'm using, port 123 with interval of 60 minutes. ( also works) Does Manual Update return "Refresh Successfully!" My TimeZone is set correct here (Eastern) On...
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    [Help] - Cannot use SMTP on my HFW5442T-ASE (Loryta IPC-B5442T-ASE) but can use on my NVR...

    That's one way only. Into the cameras, but not out of the NVR. Either way, it doesn't fix his issue as the NVR should be sending the emails, not the camera. It's three easy steps: 1. Set SMTP up on the NVR, NOT the cameras 2. Configure IVS on the cameras 3. Click "Send Email" on each IVS you...