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    Anyone attempt to use FLIR Secure with Dahua NVR

    I am helping a friend build his camera setup and I am looking to leverage getting some Dahua products from @EMPIRETECANDY . I have a Lorex NVR and use the FLIR Secure mobile app. The free version works fine (could it be better? Sure! But that could be said about a lot of things). I am looking at...
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    IR Illuminator without visible glow

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has found any inexpensive IR illuminators that don't emit a visible glow. Just a bit of background, our baby cam broke several months ago so I got a replacement camera (to be used with the same monitor). But the new camera makes an IR halo around the image. So I...
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    Hi everyone. New member from Dallas, TX. I have been spending the last few months researching the type of camera setup that will best fit my needs and my budget. I stumbled upon this forum a while back and have read through several posts. I still haven't finalized exactly what I plan to purchase...