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  1. Silas

    Reset Admin Password on HikVision NVR Model : KEPLER-7604/4P

    depends where in oz they are ;-)
  2. Silas

    Any way to disable recording on few cameras

    YES, just take them off the schedule timing screens
  3. Silas

    Absolute beginner with absolutely no knowledge.......

    most probably you now have different IP addresses, you need to determine the ranges used and what is in use, hikvision have a tool that does this called SADP, you need the dahua equivalent, then you can figure out what is what
  4. Silas

    Accessing NVR attached cameras on network

    enable virtual hosts and then it will be the ip of the nvr and a port number
  5. Silas

    Attn: Networking Gurus - Help me understand this...

    What is providing the actual wifi? is it the isp modem? if so then it could be that causing the issue, they do not tend to output a strong signal and if the tv is contending with you using a network intensive app over wifi then !! I would put the TV on a wire for a start. You may find the...
  6. Silas

    Confused - Sort Of - VPN/Port Forwarding

    You made a pretty common mistake (assumption) There are two (2) types of VPN options, consider them as OUT and IN 1. OUT - This is when YOU need to secure/hide the outgoing data from systems to your ISP and other prying eyes. this is where you have to buy a service from a supplier (...
  7. Silas

    Need an application that will allow me to stream without using IP Cam Live

    OK, just tested it, took me less than 2 minutes :) I used the stream from blue iris for my source, in BI i set the details provided by youtube from my creator section, that being the server url and stream key I then went to one of my sites and edited a page to use...
  8. Silas

    Need an application that will allow me to stream without using IP Cam Live

    TBH not in the last few months, it was maybe 6-7 months ago, I don't have a need for it, I do this 'testing' for others that are in need of assistance, I provide solutions :) So if YT has done what it does and changed something, then it may not work. If I get chance I will test before the end...
  9. Silas

    IVMS-4200 3.1.1 problem with NVR

    I've dropped back to the older format as the insistence of having 'server' apps running all time frustrates me, just write clean code.
  10. Silas

    Hikvision events and Blue Iris... Object removal detection, etc.

    OK (dons flame proof suit) for zone crossing to function, does motion detection ALSO have to be enabled?
  11. Silas

    Need an application that will allow me to stream without using IP Cam Live

    Use the rtsp streams, this will integrate well into the wordpress pages, or for more security (!) stream to a youtube channel and then embed that into the wordpress page, I have done this so the stream details are not viewable on my website
  12. Silas


    Are you sure? I have V3.4.101 build 181024
  13. Silas

    More Paint Jobs!

    OK, where is the camera? All I can see is a little black bear throwing a white ball in the air......
  14. Silas

    The Raspberry PI thread - What do you do with yours?

    What software?
  15. Silas

    Optimum settings for HIKVision DS7204HUHI-F1/S

    What model # of the Turrets? I have 2 of the 2332 models and can provide settings that I have used based on feedback from here and performance. And you need a good night vision as it is always dark in Leeds as it IS the Devils butthole... Yup i'm from there myself, but now in the southern...
  16. Silas

    Amcrest Surveillance Pro and VPN

    When on the VPN, it should be using the 'internal' ip address to connect to the NVR
  17. Silas

    Official IPCT Pet Show

    Ah the Aussie Summer
  18. Silas

    A Hikvision journey of discovery (tips and tricks for the perfect setup)

    I just installed it to see, I use IVMS4200 and TBH all I can see is that a 'skin' has been used for one or the other, both took the same time to load and operate. I have tried the lite version, but it did not provide me with decent playback of motion events, and by now I am adept at the exact...
  19. Silas

    Does anyone use the 'patrol' feature on their PTZ Units

    I have seen the settings on them, but I do not own one as yet and just wonder if anyone does use the function and could offer comments or suggestions as to relativity. Cheers
  20. Silas

    iVMS-4500 an Android - live view portrait only?

    Two version of the software, the old one does that, the new one does landscape and it has HD on the end of the file title
  21. Silas

    Hikvision iVMS-4200 v2.7.2.7 not working with Windows 10

    All working fine on my W10 Pro.
  22. Silas

    Opinion: Continuous vs. Motion Trigger Recording?

    When I was first introduced to this science, i would have said 100% that I would only ever need Motion Detection, after all, that was what I was after, but the choices I took did not provide the satisfaction that I was going to get the result I wanted, and I quickly realised that the link...
  23. Silas

    Bear Porch Pirate

    "ooh look, IP Cameras, I'll have this.... wait a minute... AMCREST... Stuff that"....
  24. Silas

    Securing Windows 10

    Depends on how deep you want to get and how much you NEED to secure !! For a quick one, this tool is pretty good O&O ShutUp10 There are many tools and each one does it's own slant on things, none would do all you need perfect, as your needs are different to mine to others... This is more...
  25. Silas

    use NVR record to a computer in VPN (or local network)

    Why not setup a site to site VPN and use that with another NVR at the remote site?
  26. Silas

    IPCT IP Cam Talk Stickers now available

    I would order some, but delivery to Australia would be more than the cost of the product :(
  27. Silas

    IPCT IP Cam Talk Stickers now available

    You should offer a prize for a picture of the most interesting place one of the stickers has been seen ;-)
  28. Silas

    The Raspberry PI thread - What do you do with yours?

    Added a hifi board and run volumio through decent bookshelf speakers is current, have also run a website, openvpn server, retro game console, digital signage, unifi cloud controller and shed loads more, fun little items
  29. Silas

    Dedicated NVR or BI?

    Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk