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    Can't change IP in New dahua 5208 NVR 4.0

    Funkybunch - You mentioned thinking about going to BI, so I want to throw some observations out to you. I have a new camera where IVS doesn't work well so I figured this was a good time to check out BI, which has the potential to make the IVS not working a moot point. If you're seriously...
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    Can't change IP in New dahua 5208 NVR 4.0

    There's so much covered in this thread that I'm not positive I'm interpreting everything correctly, so apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree. 1. You say the NVR address is showing How do you know that? I'm assuming from a monitor connected to the NVR. 2. In an earlier post...
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    Upgrading existing coax system

    The /U has nothing to do with underground use. It's a statement that it meets current government specs. (R=Radio Frequency, G=Government, U=Universal Specification)
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    I have not tried this yet. I have a roll of butyl tape that's used to seal RV windows. To my untrained eye it looks pretty much like the same thing as coax seal except for being gray, and costs a whole lot less. I see also that Home Depot carries rolls of butyl tape for sealing metal roofs.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    I'm having a hard time believing any of these news reports. For instance, an AP story mentions about an Oregon couple: "The Oregon couple is among the 380 Americans aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship" And a bit further down: "Despite spending several days this week under close supervision...
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    Dahua camera's log file...ONLY logging Account login/logout activity

    My 5231s log IVS events, so I'm wondering now if the problem could be newer firmware across multiple camera types, specifically the V2.800... versions. I could just be randomly shooting in the dark, too.....
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    Dahua camera's log file...ONLY logging Account login/logout activity

    Which camera model? If it's one of the 'volt' series, I suspect this is a firmware bug. My IPC-T5442TM-AS does not log any IVS events, having seen this with multiple versions of the firmware. It does log motion detection events.
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    Do POE Cams Have their Own IP Address (like my Wifi cams?)

    In one sense, an IP camera is just another computer on your network.
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    Remind me again...why is BI causing motion detect to enable when you click "OK" in cam settings?

    I noticed that onvif device manager enables motion detection on my dahua cameras whenever a camera is merely selected. This makes me wonder if it's a dahua bug. I would be good to know if the same behavior happens with other make cameras running with BI.
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    Dahua camera System Service settings

    Knee-jerk defense: 1. I did spend a couple of hours researching the Dahua web camera manual, this forum, and Internet before making this post. 2. I made sure I first knew what SSH, multicast, and Genetec were. Thus the question being "Do we have any use for?". 3. On this forum, searching SSH...
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    Dahua camera System Service settings

    The cameras have a long list of features that would seem to be of no use and/or a security risk for a small camera system. I realized that I don't know what a lot of them are, even though they are enabled by default. For example, on this settings page: Do we need to have any of these enabled...
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Just to expand, the helicopter was flying under a SVFR clearance, granted by FAA, and was in contact with ATC up to the time of the crash. Some local government agencies had grounded their fleet, then the clueless fake news did their normal thing and invented something that didnt exist. They...
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    How to "factory reset" a Dahua camera that's not bringing up an ethernet interface?

    I suggest trying the dahua config tool. It finds cameras even if they're not in your subnet's IP range.
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    Running multiple CAT6 cables - many spools at once? How to manage spool lengths efficiently

    I've purchased about 8 250' chunks from Monoprice and all of them have had foot markers. Normal disclaimers apply.
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    Running multiple CAT6 cables - many spools at once? How to manage spool lengths efficiently

    I did exactly that a few years ago with 250' spools from Monoprice, although the last time I bought one it had switched to a pull box. My main purpose in that case was to have different wire colors. I've also unwound a 250' box and re-wound on 2 spools to pull 2 lines at once.
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    I'm in the same position. The ISP furnishes the router, won't open any ports, and won't let me access it. You can't run a VPN server without an open port. There's an alternative touched on in the BI manual, described in the Remote Access section, called a Secure Tunnel. "...if your ISP...
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    Almost there...Hikvision camera on a Dahua NVR

    Just to cover all the bases, after the camera is added to the registration list, do you right click the pencil and hit "connect"?
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    Almost there...Hikvision camera on a Dahua NVR

    I have one hikvision camera on my dahua nvr. Here's are some config shots if they're of any value:
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    Blocking camera from phoning home - recommended for initial setup?

    I set the camera's gateway address to a nonexistent IP address on my network. I suppose the camera could have intelligence in it to probe for the real gateway address, but so far I haven't seen any traffic from the cameras going out through the router. You need to assign a static IP to the...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    I think I found explanations for 2 of the IVS Global Setup settings: Anti-Disturb Enable Select "Enable" to enable anti-disturb function. It is to filter leaf shake and water ripple which cause disturbance to the device intelligent analysis. Sensitivity The bigger the value is, the easier for...
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    Is there any harm in buying cheap cameras on Alibaba or Aliexpress?

    More info about BI turning the camera motion detection on. When I start BI, if a camera is enabled in BI, the on-camera motion detection gets enabled. If a camera is disabled in BI, its on-camera motion detection does not get turned on. When I enable the camera in BI, its on-camera motion...
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    I'm not 100% sure of this, I think Andy lists only what he has in stock. He can order specific models. It takes a few weeks.
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    4tb WD Reds down to about $89

    Just for info, here's a video about taping the pin. Unfortunately it's 30 seconds of info in a 6 minute video. Skip to 2:03 for the start of the info. How to Fix the 3.3V Pin Issue in White Label Disks
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    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    On the motion detect being enabled, it looks like BI does this in error. If you totally clear the detection area in the camera, that should nullify the motion detect being enabled. If you leave it at the default full frame coverage, you'll get a lot of motion detect messages sent to BI and...
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    Will this Desktop Computer work for BI?

    I'm trying out BI on an older computer and based on what I see I'd give it a qualified maybe. I'm running an E5800 at 3.2 mHz, 4GB memory, and win 10. With one camera the CPU is running at 55% to 60%. With 2 cameras it's sluggish. With 3 camera it's unusable. I'm running 4096 kbps and h.265...
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    Confused Noob - Basic PC NVR Setup

    Just as an example, I have the NVR running 24x7, and view on a PC using smartPSS. The machine running smartPSS does not need to be running constantly. The detection events are marked on the timeline for each camera and I can view at my leisure. Same thing if running BI on a dedicated PC.
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    FYI - LeChange / Dahua 8x 8MP/4K UHD IP PoE cameras + 16 channel port PoE NVR 2/3TB HDD $899 7/13/18

    (My answer is based on some assumptions about your network ). Yes, it's significant. Devices with 192.168.86.x IP addresses won't talk to devices with 192.168.1.x addresses. When they try, the messages will be routed to the gateway address, and go to the graveyeard from there. For the devices...
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    DHI-NVR4108-P-4KS2 export file range bug

    I want to make sure that I'm reading between the lines correctly. Did you load version 4 firmware into the NVR, and then take it back to version 3 firmware? I've been wondering if that was possible.
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    Is there any harm in buying cheap cameras on Alibaba or Aliexpress?

    As I read through the BI forum I found this issue mentioned multiple times. It's only because of that I was able to catch it happening to me so quickly. Here's one example: Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera