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    4MP Budget Cam Black Friday Giveaway

    Thanks for putting on this contest! I will install the camera by my back walk out basement door! That way I can better keep track of all the yard invaders... in my case 4 deer and a rabbit...
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    Yikes! Glad I didn’t win lol! Lesson learned... always read the Qdisclaimers!
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    Help ! wifi cameras

    The only WiFi camera I use is for my door bell. I had to put a WiFi extender 3 feet away from the darn thing to even get it to stay mostly working. I get notifications every 2-3 days with the picture that is all blurry because it lost signal. At that point I have to restart the extender and WiFi...
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    10 TB WD100EMAZ for surveillance storage

    I would have no issues running that drive. I would definitely put it through a few rounds of tests to help rule out any early infancy hard drive issues.
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    Corrupt or disc error: 8000ffff

    Not that I am aware of but if you reassures you, I reported this issue BI support last Wednesday and got the response from Ken? (They didn’t sign the email) that version fixes this issue.
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    This year I hope to find out how many security cameras it takes before my wife finally looses it.... Haha, hopefully not, but for real this year, I am excited to introduce my daughter to the world and hoping to still get the same amount of sleep!
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    Attempted burglary caught on camera in Fort Walton Beach [FL]

    Ahh but you’re doing the maths all wrong. See a cell phone captures 4K video so if we use a phone to record the 1080P computer screen and split the difference (because maths) we get a 2K video! Pretty neat stuff and we clearly can now outsmart the guy attempting and failing miserably, to break...
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    Pricks going thru my car and one says the guys name. lol

    Yup, even if you’re leaving your car for a second, LOCK THE DOORS! A lady who lives in my county left her car running and went into a gas station to “quickly” get a drink. In that small timeframe, her car was stolen and crashed into wall a few miles down the road... I don’t mean to blame the...
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    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    Super awesome rare earth magnets! But actually thinking about this from the contractor viewpoint, if you have ever been inside a parking garage, they run all the electrical through conduit attached to the steel by metal clips. The conduit runs to the junction box and is pretty sturdy with the...
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    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    Oh your absolutely right. I was thinking more what would I do to install it myself... I didn’t consider how an installer would bid this. As we can see, zip ties was low bid!
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    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    I’m sure you could rig something up that clamps to both sides of the beam. If you knew how to weld, get a square piece of steel and prep that non structural steel to work with the camera and weld it to the bottom. Epoxying the steel to the steel would probably work, I bet there is even a...
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    Need Advise On Powering 2 Cameras

    Technically I could run a second cable through the attic but I would have to wait a few months. The attic is likely averaging 110 degrees these days and I don’t suspect I would make it. I do like the idea of a bigger better POE switch for inside... although I would also like to upgrade my hard...
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    Need Advise On Powering 2 Cameras

    I currently have a CAT 6 cable running through my attic to my unfinished garage and to an exterior camera on the side of my garage. It is being supplied with 15.4 W with my Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 60W (US-8-60W). I would like at add a hikivison cube cam in my garage. I am trying to figure out...
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    My wife is trying to make me buy Reolink for Prime Day

    I ran Bl on a virtual machine to test it out for a bit, but found out pretty quickly that a dedicated pc is best. So can you, sure... but I wouldn’t do CAD on the machine while BI is running. I don’t have an outside PTZ but I do have an inside one. Having the ability to quickly change the view...
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    Lookin for a BABY Camera.

    If I am reading between the lines correctly, this would be your first security camera? If so, you really should just consider a stand alone baby monitor... unless you are actually planning on adding a bunch of cameras in the near future. It wouldn’t be worth the effort to setup any nvr/BI just...
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    Lookin for a BABY Camera.

    I also just brought home the Amcrest 1080p version and can confirm the 2 way audio is working with BI v5. The 2 way audio is a little finicky but I think the most reliable way is to first click the microphone icon and then the speaker icon within the iPhone app. Honestly, I am not even sure who...
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    New 4K 20x Starlight+ IR PTZ AI Network Camera

    This one has a 4/3” sensor?? Are we sure someone didn’t fat finger this and it’s really 1/3”.
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    NEW 1080P Wifi Video Doorbell!

    Mine has done the same. My street does not have street lights so I leave a 100 Watt LED outdoor porch light on all night. This keeps the camera on color mode all night and it looks pretty good. The only negative is that if someone where to walk past the porch light, the camera may have a...
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    How to ignore raindrops streaking down the image?

    With a soffit you would usually have a gutter to direct the rain away from the camera. With an umbrella, the rain will likely pour down all sides of the umbrella creating a “waterfall” effect. You may want to consider some type of “roof” that slopes away from the cameras lenses side. Or better...
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    Calling all most experienced members

    I read to the point where it said $20,000 in your name and screamed at my phone “AHHH DON’T DO IT!” Also, I wouldn’t hire them to install anything at your house...
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    To add another datapoint, at idle there is no difference on my Win 10 machine from v4 to v5. It seems to use less CPU when playing back all my recorded video streams at once but more testing will be needed before I can say that with confidence.
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    Camera Feed Switch During Recorded Playback

    As you are watching a recorded camera stream in BI, is there a way to switch to a different camera and continue watching the stream at the same date and time? Example: I am watching a recording from camera 1 in full screen and a "subject" moves offscreen into the view of camera 2. Is it...
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I entered my original key I purchased, not my extended support key.
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    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I decided to give BI v5 a try today coming from BI v4. I thought I would share my experiences. After reading all the issues with uninstalling BI v4 after v5 was installed, I decided I would try a different approach. The approach I took seemed to work without any issues; however, it could also be...
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    Security concerns: Dev back door?

    Instead of logging into the BI server with your public IP address and port number, you would log in with a FQDN. Possibly more secure as the only open port would be the reverse proxy and the attacker would than need to figure out the entire FQDN which can be uniquely setup for each application...
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    What’s your bitrate set at? At 4096 for both cameras my cpu idles around 22%. If I change both to the max of 5888 my cpu idles around 40%.
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    FYI, camera came in today and I was able to connect it to BI. My previous idle cpu usage was about 19-21% and now with both channels active and recording it’s around 22-24%. Hope that helps.
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    I actually ended up getting one of these yesterday. Once it arrives and I find time to go in the attic, I’ll post back with the results on my system.
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    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M Dual Starlight Cam

    What happens if you enable this camera and disable 2 others?