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    Best solution to taking a snapshot at 12:00 daily?

    Since switching to BI5, I’ve introduced a few more schedules, the schedule which straddles midday/12:00 has a dynamic start time based on Sunrise, so simply setting the JPEG Snapshot option to take a snapshot every XX:YY (hh:mm), as offered in the UI, doesn’t really fit my requirements. I have...
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    CPU Usage Query

    I run BI5 as a Service, on Windows 10. My machine has nothing else on it. It is headless, and I connect via RDP. If I RDP in, open the BI GUI, close the BI gui and then logoff Windows, my CPU usage is roughly 10-15% higher than that of a clean boot, as if something additional is left...
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    Copy Profiles in BI5

    Has anyone found a nice/easy way to copy profiles in BI5? I don't wish to sync with Profile 1. Simply having the option of which Profile to sync with would be ideal. I've tried copying Registry data under /Motion/ from one "profile" to another, but BI seems to ignore this... I suspect I've...
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    Bit of layman on Motion/Object detection

    Regarding BI4.latest, In order to use Object "Zone Crossing", I assume I need to enable "Use zones and hot spot"? Is this correct? I'm finding that if I do enable Zone Crossing, I'm getting a mixture of Zone Crossing and normal Motion triggering the camera. Should I tick "Use Zones and Hot...
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    Sun/Shade Cast - Options/Suggestions?

    Words aren't actually required. It's clear to see the problem here. The sun moves round and the house in front casts a shadow (between the superimposed red lines)... Other than relocating the camera, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Small Indoor Camera for use with BlueIris??

    I'm looking for a small indoor camera for use with BlueIris, what do you recommend? Something along the lines of the Y-Cam Protect would be ideal! I currently use a Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW 4MP IR Cube Network Camera as a baby monitor, which is perfect for the job. But I wish to expand...
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    Playback on Mobile App when connecting to HikConnect/GuardingVision

    Hi all, I've just setup a Hiwatch NVR-108-A/8P NVR and when I connect to the NVR in app via the HikConnect/GuardingVision "platform", I am not able to Playback any recordings. On the playback timelines, lines where motion/alarms have triggered the recording are yellow suggesting "something" has...
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    Identify the (non-IP) DVR?

    This is not strictly IP Cam Talk so hope this is ok... Has anyone come across this DVR before? Just been helping a mate try to set it up, specifically the remote/App side of things, but struggling to find an app/settings combo to work. It's fairly old, was purchased from Yesss Electrical in the...
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    New 'Motion' camera with no signal since 4.3.6.x

    Since updating to (and subsequently I’ve been given an additional camera, called Motion, which triggers the ‘no signal’ alarm (because this camera doesn’t exist). I’ve no idea where this has come from? I deleted it in, but it returned when my machine updated to...