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  1. colmcille

    Wet thief

    A wet thief from last night. Trying the neighbour's car, but not mine. Overview cam: Detail cam:
  2. colmcille

    Big Bertha climate extinction

    WARNING: Not safe to click play if you are about to eat, or have recently consumed edible delicacies. Big Bertha arrival: Big Bertha climate extinction: For those who are interested, it's a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I. The lens is 12mm, and would have been nicely focused at Bertha's distance of...
  3. colmcille

    On yer bike!

    My dogs don't like anything in the back garden bothering the chickens. :) "Old" 3mp Hikvision turret camera with a 2.8mm lens BTW.
  4. colmcille

    Firmware 5.4.5 removes Gain settings

    I updated the firmware on one of my 2332 cameras yesterday in view of the new security issues, and found that the night picture had degraded hugely. When investigating I found that the GAIN settings were missing. I reset the camera, but that made no difference. I wonder what retard at...
  5. colmcille

    IR lighting

    rayTEC VAR2 IP PoE i4 , VAR IP PoE i4. Lighting on, off, brightness are controlled by this overview camera and Milestone Xprotect. Closest light has an 80*30 degree lens, and the far light has a 60*25 degree lens. Choke point camera exposure time has changed from 1/25 to 1/100, and gain has...
  6. colmcille

    Xprotect 2016

    Hmm, I see a new version is out. Just upgraded and looking at it to see what is new. :)
  7. colmcille

    Smart search

    I've been using Milestone Xprotect Essential for a year now (almost), and didn't find this feature until last night when I was faffing around on their website. "Hmm, it says the Smart Client can do Smart Search...I wonder how that works". >_< I knew there were a few different ways of...
  8. colmcille


    Hi folks, I've been lurking over there in the corner for a while ----> Interesting and helpful posts. Thank you. Helped me move from Synology SS to Intel NUC i5 (thank you Networkcameracritic and others) and XProtect Essential. I'll go and find another corner to hide in now, one without IR...