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    Guidance for upgrading Hikvision Darkfighter PTZ Firmware

    Hi all, Please can anyone reassure me that I am doing the right thing regarding firmware? I have looked through a load of previous posts, and have gleaned a lot of useful info, but just wanted to double check before I proceed. I have a camera I bought from eBay…a Hikvision Darkfighter PTZ...
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    Hikvision Scene Settings

    Hi all...I just wondered if anyone knew anything about this. These are in the ‘configuration’ and then ‘image’ pages of the setup (of all Hik PTZs and maybe others?) There are choices like Outdoor, Street, Nightfall, Night, Low Illumination etc. It appears that changing these settings, changes...
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    Darkfighter X DS-2DF8225IH PTZ Opinions?

    Had a search on here, and on google, but very little opinion...just wondered if anyone has one and would be able to give any thoughts, in comparison to ‘old’ Darkfighters or the cheaper Hikvisions, or other PTZ cameras? Ie. Especially good in low light like they claim? Is daytime quality any...
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    Best sub $1000 outdoor PTZ for wildlife (Hikvision vs Dahua vs others?)

    Hi all, Bit of a quirky request but hoping to get some opinions on what are the best sub $1000 PTZ IP cameras for picture quality please? low light performance (at night under floodlights), as well as IR, preferably @ 60fps, 1080 resolution? I use cameras for watching...
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    Analogue joystick control of Hikvision IP PTZ cameras

    Hi all, I have been using IP PTZ cameras for 4 years now, and currently have 2x Hikvision DS-2DE4220IW-DE cameras, and I’m using Blue Iris to control and record with them. I have used the computer keyboard all this time to move and zoom the cameras, and it works, but is pretty clunky at best...