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    Looking for Dahua IPC-HDW5442TM-AS 4MP Starlight

    I understand we have a Dahua rep in here... I finally found a model that looks very appealing for WDR and low light performance in a turret style mount. Amazon doesn't appear to carry this yet, and I hate to risk buying on eBay direct from China. Anyone out there have a low price source in mind?
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    8TB HDD Supplier durability

    Opinion Poll: 8TB 7200 HDD - Western Digital Purple versus Seagate Skyhawk who has better durability?
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    Newbie with detailed questions on H/W support for Blue Iris

    I am setting up a home system with four PoE cameras. Having not found this site yet, and lured by the low price, I istarted with a ReoLink 4-cam 4 MP system. As the cables run through my attic, I bought a spool of plenum rated Cat5 and the tools to make my own ends. With a bit of practice...