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    10 TB WD100EMAZ for surveillance storage

    That sounds disgusting and I don't think th cat pee will help it. Your poor hard drives
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    Captured video of guy checking car doors

    More zoom, it would have been great with better zoom. Install another camera near this one with zoom and leave this one up as an overall camera
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    Lightning strike by house

    Neighbor said about four years ago lightning hit on the property about a hundred or so feet to the west side of the house and blew up a tree.. wonder why lightning likes the property so much. We have a rock wall running the length of the property in the back, wonder if that is it.
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    Lightning strike by house

    I have an old federal Pacific panel that my wife has put off replacing. I've asked for last year to replace, so when we do I'll get the whole house surge protector. Surprised only one breaker tripped. No video of the strike. Cameras were running just fine and then went dark. I haven't traced...
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    Lightning strike by house

    Turns out my goswift camera and Dahua ptz won't turn on though.
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    Lightning strike by house

    I'm going to check with cyber power I doubt it though since it's three years old. Didn't have one on the fridge but I did buy the extended warranty, wife always said it was useless lol. Also the microwave had an extended warranty for another win.
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    Lightning strike by house

    Roofer said the roof was damaged by the lightning and other roofer said no damage , who knows. Not my area of expertise. Talking to the tech next door that installs telephone lines and does repair he said it probably wouldn't have mattered since it was so close. The surge protector on my...
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    Lightning strike by house

    Here is what happens when lightning strikes right next to your house Blew out all my switches in different rooms, multiple surge protectors, fridge , router, access point . Everything on Ethernet did not have a surge protector on the line itself. Guess I'm in the market for more networking...
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    Looking for feedback : Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-LU (Colorvu) or Hikvision Darkfighter DS-2CD2345FWD-I

    Here is my colorvue from Nellys along with my old camera, same spot and same time and date.
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    Nelly’s Colorvu Bullet

    Love my turret
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    Blue Iris with Alexa?

    I use this with my front door camera (Goswift) Monocle Works great on my Amazon Show
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    I do gaming and no work stuff. Wish I could work from home. I'm looking at the h370 boards will know soon when I get there in about half hour
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Yes that's what I have bp
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Okay so it's $552 for 16 gb ddr4, 650 power supply , i5 9600k and z390 motherboard. I can get a cheaper mobo but has less options.
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Bp2008 it doesn't have a CD drive or even a spot for it.
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Sorry bp2008 for the confusion. Currently using a 4570s as my blue iris in a sff hp PC. It isn't bad but need more internal drive space since it only has one port and slot. For my main purpose PC aka workstation im using a Intel 6700k. If I upgrade mine I can repurpose the mobo ram and...
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Okay so rebooted computer and optimized it with the Intel encode and direct to disc and I'm down to 36% on it with 7 cameras. Planning on adding another 5 so I should be okay with what I have but I got to figure out my disk space issue. Running an external drive as my storage and I would like...
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    My mb/sec is 380 according to.blue.iris without my upcoming cameras
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    I'm looking at about 400 for a brand new system which is about same price as the used ones that I see
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Ya but newer PC's use a bit less power. I'll calculate it tonight. I'm at nearly 90 percent CPU usage now
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    Building new PC tomorrow for blue iris

    Using an older sff for blue iris right now. Would like to upgrade to more storage and cpu. I have a 6700k for my main system with a full size mobo , atx. Was thinking of buying an I7 9700k and atx mobo and place my old mobo and cpu in another case. Other option is to buy an i5 9600k and mini...
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    Bi5 AMD support

    With the new release of bi5 is AMD any better? Looking to build a new blueiris server possibly and have been looking at Ryzen.
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    VPN question

    Site b is the remote site with cameras. Also looking into a box to stream cable to the internet kind of like slingbox or a slingbox. Site a is home with the current VPN server setup on my usg. I have more cameras and my blue Iris server there. I can setup a vpn on site B's Netgear router...
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    VPN question

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    First wildlife capture on new system!

    Had one of these last night
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    VPN question

    I would like to set up a vpn connection at another site to my home and record the cameras via blue Iris. I have very fast internet at both sites. Currently using a ubiquiti usg with vpn setup for my laptop and mobile. I plan on using blue Iris to record both sites. You think I can use a PC...
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    Video removed - FedEx drives over neighbor's dog, no brakes, doesn't stop

    Love dogs here but as someone with experience with these matters nothing will happen to the driver legally. Maybe FedEx would give some money as good faith or for generositys sake but definitely not required. It's a terrible thing for the dog but it does happen.
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    Never heard of any department doing that. Maybe its just a worn out plate?
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    best night time dash cam performance

    Ljw2k do you still have the uncompressed video?
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    Getting a new roof - creating a camera plan.

    Have you mapped out where to drill in the attic yet? Put a small rod up next to the header where you need to drill so you aren't messing around for a long time with the roof off.. the roofers won't give you much time to run the wire and you don't want to have your attic exposed for s long...