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    Front Glass issue

    Hi all i was cleanning all my cams,and found this on my LPR 5241.Any idea how cleaned or remove that. Is in the outside because i can see it and feel it. Hope can be seen in the pictures.
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    5241 help

    Need make this more clear,distanxe is around 85 to 90 feet. I have dialed before but i lost the picture of old settings. Here is the settings now. The clear shot is a parked car around the 100 feet. Thanks for look and help.
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    Last Nigth 5442 in action

    I make the call last nigth,when i saw the car park in fron of the house. I got a neighboor that use the hookers service,several timea a week. The color picts is 5442 3.8mm in color all nigth. And the B/W is 5442 2.7 vari. The distance is around the 40 to 50 feet.Im thinking that with a ptz looks...
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    Cant log in

    I cant log into my 5241 E-Z12E I can log into the rest of the cameras but not in this 1. Is been a while since i log into the camera. I can log in from my android cell but no with edge,or chrome. Any idea welcome.
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    How this look?

    What you think this is with 5442 2.8 vari at around 30 feet. I order a for the same location,maybe the pict can be better with the Also the plate is with the 5241 at 100'. What you think. And the color is with 5442 at 15'. This a neighboor with a happy visit,no welcome for the...
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    Dahua Firmware

    Where is the list of firmware for the dahua cameras. I cant find it,i think was under Andy? Any link to the list would be great. Thanks
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    5442 weird circle

    Any idea what is this,i clean the outside of the camera and nothing. During the day you cant see it.
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    5241 Better settings needed

    Here is my settings but will like some opinions,to make it more clear.Thanks
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    5241 E-Z12E settings help

    How I can make this captures more clear. I will load my settings in a little bit.
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    Make a system for me please.

    Looking to replace my lorex system. I would like some help from you put together, a 8 cameras system. All outdoor economic or no super expensive, need included the nvr. I see some Dahua videos and they are amazing.Thanks in advance.
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    Lorex LNB8963 varifocal help.

    Hi all, great forum. And first post here, I have all lorex system is the Costco 8 4k detterent cameras and NVR N84148-Z. And 8 E891AB cameras. Also I order the LNB8963B varifocal. Now they all looks great during the day but at nigth no that good. The varifocal zoom is good but bad image. And...