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    HELP: Lost connection to 3 outdoor Hikvision + no remote access to BI

    This is very strange, out of blue around 9:30 in morning the following happened: - 2 Hikvision cameras lost connection in BI (BI says "Error: 800027c timeout; check IP address and port" - 1 Huisun PTZ lost connection in BI (BI says "HTTP: 12002 Timeout" - Remote access to BI stopped working I...
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    4/8 Channel NVR Setup - Lots of Questions!

    Ok so I am starting from scratch here so bare with me as I've been researching only long enough to get myself in trouble. I am building a pretty low-budget system for my home and plan to have probably no more than 4 cameras (initially 1-2) but would like to future proof the system so that I can...
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    Hello! Amateur in Washington DC trying to get a 4-Channel System up and running

    Hey everyone - what an awesome resource this forum is! We've had some long running issues in our urban neighborhood in DC and myself and some other neighbors are trying to step up our surveillance of the trouble areas. Last week I pulled the trigger on an all-in-one wireless system (Arlo) but...