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    Confused with Video Encoder

    Hi all, I currently have a KT&C peephole camera. It's an analog camera I want to turn into a IP camera with a video encoder. I have bought a POE injector, the cable at the end of which connects into number 3 on the screenshot (of the Axis video encoder I plan to purchase (M7011). That makes...
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    Looking for WIFI dome with PTZ

    Hi all, As my title says, I'm looking for a WIFI dome. I would like PTZ as well. Not to picky as to who makes it, as long as it's good quality. Brands I like are Hikvision, DAHUA, KT&C, Axis etc Cheers!
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    Greetings from Sydney, Australia

    Hi, I'm a complete newb when it comes to this stuff. Looking forward to learning more!