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  1. gwminor48

    Talented dog

    I probably couldn't do this with the bat in my hands, much less in my mouth.
  2. gwminor48

    We have such courteous thieves in Texas
  3. gwminor48

    Someone decided to jump a Tesla

    Well that didn't go too well, someone young and stupid I assume - not that I was ever young and stupid:)
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    Bad ass rooster

    Nothing "chicken" about this rooster!
  5. gwminor48

    Drunk people do stupid things

    I've seen drunk people do crazy things but this is really crazy:
  6. gwminor48

    Mail theft and credit cards

    I saw on the Nextdoor website where neighbors got a credit card in the mail that they didn't apply for. Police told them thieves possibly planned to steal the card from their mailbox after applying for it? Not sure about that but one person posted this link that is interesting, where you can opt...
  7. gwminor48

    An unexpected golf hazard

  8. gwminor48

    Is this a person or a pig?

    Bad video but worth it for the sound.
  9. gwminor48

    I must be missing something

    I saw this at Walmart and had to take a picture, must be more to it than what I saw, but it made me laugh. I was gonna buy it but dammit, it wouldn't fit in my cupholder.
  10. gwminor48

    Security cam & 2nd amendment vs. porch pirate

    Saw this on YouTube:
  11. gwminor48

    That's a lot of birds!

    Every year birds come for the berries on my 2 large Yaupon hollies. Looks like robins and cedar waxwings. Maybe they know we are headed for lows near zero ( serious cold for the Dallas area) and they are getting all the food they can. They stripped all the berries off within a minute or two:
  12. gwminor48

    LPR Cam installed 6 days ago already recorded a crime

    Due to an incident in our neighborhood I was motivated to add a LPR cam. I got my HFW5241E-Z12E from Andy and installed it 6 days ago and got it working thanks to the awesome help of the people here that post in the LPR...
  13. gwminor48

    A reason to add one more camera

    I already have 7 cameras but this just happened in our neighborhood. I have pondered getting a cam for LPR but when I saw this at a neighbor's house I ordered a cam for LPR from Andy. When I started out I could never have imagined having 8 cameras. These bastards were really determined to break...
  14. gwminor48

    Test run video through motion detector crashes

    I don't upgrade on a regular basis but I decided to upgrade to to take advantage of the new substream feature - what an awesome update! I can't believe the difference it made in cpu usage. Anyway, I wanted to tweak the motion detection, object size, etc with the new substream working...
  15. gwminor48

    Testing IR light - with the moon

    The wife didn't find it as humorous as I did, I guess women don't relate to "guy" humor sometimes.
  16. gwminor48

    BI5, Android app and openvpn

    I know I'm overlooking something obvious but I haven't seen it yet. I'm using openvpn. I just noticed that the BI mobile app works ok on my lan with BI5 & BI4 but if I try off the lan the mobile app won't connect with BI5. If I switch back to BI4 it connects ok. I haven't seen any obvious...
  17. gwminor48

    Facial recognition - maybe it was correct

    They probably are criminals: Facial recognition software mistook 1 in 5 California lawmakers for criminals, says ACLU
  18. gwminor48

    BI4 and Windows 10 May update (1903)

    I'm pretty sure I would have seen comments from others before now but I thought I'd ask. I have 2 Dell desktops and a Dell notebook. The desktop, an XPS, and the laptop have updated to Windows 10 (1903). My Dell machine for Blue Iris is an Optiplex 7020 which Dell shows to have been tested ok...
  19. gwminor48

    Lost guy uses his head and camera

    Hiker rescued after stomping SOS into snow in front of B.C.-made wildlife camera - Salmon Arm Observer
  20. gwminor48

    Trouble with remote desktop after latest Win 10 updates?

    Is anyone else having issues with remote desktop after latest Windows 10 updates? Mine had been working trouble free for a long time but now if I minimize the remote desktop screen and go back to it a couple of minutes later or an hour later I usually get a black screen and have to close the...
  21. gwminor48

    Birds swarm holly for berries

    I believe these birds are Cedar Waxwings. They come early every spring and devour the berries on our Yaupon Hollies, evidently en-route on their migration. As you can see they travel in large groups but are easily spooked and fly away at the least interruption.
  22. gwminor48

    Hurricane Florence and typhoon Mangkhut

    I hope the members and their neighbors in the areas affected by hurricane Florence are doing ok. And then there is typhoon Mangkhut, hopefully Andy, @EMPIRETECANDY and his neighbors are doing ok. On top of the flooding and all the other damage I see the looting going on in the Carolinas.
  23. gwminor48

    Drunk driver logic

    If drinking while driving had been the charge, he might have had a point. If it hadn't been in Florida I would have guessed he had stopped at @lulu5kamz house. A Distinction Without A Difference
  24. gwminor48

    Cat fail

    Our neighbor's cat crosses our driveway at least 2 times a night. I'm going to have to go out and have a talk with it - "Do you see that thing sitting on top of my front tire? It's a RAT, you're supposed to catch and kill it!"
  25. gwminor48

    Short comparison of 4MP Hikvision & 2MP Dahua

    For anyone new to IP cams who is considering buying one of those high MP cams, maybe this will help you decide. I've had a 4 MP Hikvision turret for almost 3 years and I was never really happy with the night vision although it looked great in daytime. I added external IR and spent hours tweaking...
  26. gwminor48

    It wasn't her day to die

    You may have already seen this. How does someone walk away after that? SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Car skids into embankment, goes airborne and lands between fuel pumps on Old Fannin Road
  27. gwminor48

    Steady HD activity light on Dell 7020

    Anybody else noticed a steady HD activity light on a Dell Optiplex 7020 lately? I'm pretty sure this started after Windows 10 "April update". The first morning I saw it I said "oh s**t" but when I woke the monitor from sleep the light went out and just started acting normal. My pc is set for...
  28. gwminor48

    24/7 IR - garage cam

    Any of you guys have cams in locations where IR is on all the time? I had a couple of cheap Longse outside that I replaced and used one of them inside our garage. It started crapping out so I put the 2nd one up, now I think it's going out too. Maybe due to constant IR on a cheap camera? I will...
  29. gwminor48

    Ha! Robbery foiled!